What Are Birds Of Paradise

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There are about 50 different kinds of birds of paradise, but they are all found in the tropical islands of the Western Pacific and in Northern Australia. Birds of paradise range in size from that of a crow to that ‹if a sparrow, and each kind have its own special pattern of brilliant colors. It is this display of brilliant colors in their plumage that makes these birds so unusual. 

What Are Birds Of Paradise

But these beautiful birds are actually related to the common. The first Europeans to see these birds were the early Dutch explorers in the fifteenth century. They looked so beautiful that these men the birds were fed from the dews of heaven and the nectar of flowers, which explains the name.

Only the males have brilliant plumage. The reason for this is not yet understood. It may be to attract the females, or it may draw natural enemies away from the nests ‹if the mother and the young and so protect them.

Most birds of paradise build flimsy. platform-like nests in the treetops. In these, they lay their streaked and spotted eggs. The birds eat almost anything they can find, from fruit to snails and insects.

During the mating season, the male birds gather and show off they’re fine feathers to the females.  While these birds are usually wary, at this time they concentrate so much on showing off that hunters can shoot them at close range. The natives used to shoot them with blunt arrows so as not to injure the plumes.

Where Is Bird Of Paradise Found?

Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea.

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