What Are Birth Marks

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The technical name for a birthmark is “naevus” and it refers to a mole that is present at birth or develops shortly after birth. Medical science still does not know what causes them and no way has been discovered to prevent their appearance. But one thing is known: they are definitely not caused by some frightening experience the mother had before the birth of the child.

What Are Birth Marks

Almost everyone has at least one mole somewhere on the body. They can appear on almost any part of the skin, including the scalp. They may vary greatly in appearance since this depends on the layer of skin in which they originate. Most moles develop before or right after birth, but in some cases they do not show up until the child is about fourteen or fifteen.

If left alone, birthmarks rarely cause any serious physical problems. The greatest danger associated with them is the possibility that interfered with, they stay be transformed into a cancerous growth. But this happens very rarely and most people who have moles do not worry about this.

There is a whole variety of other skin disorders that might be con- sidered birthmarks. One of these is a reddish or purplish structure or stain that appears on the skin at birth or shortly after. Sometimes these are strawberry or raspberry in colour. They are actually an unusual formation of blood vessels, and usually disappear without treatment. But many doctors believe that strawberry or raspberry marks should be removed early in order to prevent leaving scars.

Medical authorities would even consider freckles to be “skin blemishes”. They are caused by exposure to ultra-violet rays usually from the sun. People with blonde hair and fair skin are the ones who most often get freckles.

Do Birthmarks Fade?

 Answer- Birthmarks are permanent, but a few types fade as a child grows.

What is inside a birthmark?

Answer- Vascular birthmarks are made up of blood vessels that haven’t formed correctly. They are usually red.

When do babies get Birthmarks?

Yes, you read that right: Babies develop birthmarks, also known as ephelides, between the ages of six and eighteen months. The purpose of these markings is not to serve an aesthetic purpose, but to help identify the “owners” of the child. The process of creating a birthmark is a process of cell division. The cells that these markings are developed from will continue to divide and divide until they are now the cells that are in the skin, and the cells that are on the skin are removed, leaving behind the cells that create the birthmark.

When do babies get moles and birthmarks?

Answer- Congenital melanocytic nevi are commonly called moles. They can be present at birth or appear during the first year of life.

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