Who Invented Stockings

Stockings were originally made of leather to cover the legs for protection. But even the idea of protecting the legs in this way was not a common practice until after the beginning of the Christian  Era.

Who Invented Stockings

The first people who tried to make a stocking anything like the ones we wear today were the French, and in the seventh century,  French men wore leather stockings for protection and warmth.

Soon people began to want to make the stockings more attractive. So fabric stockings appeared, made of pieces of cloth, silk, or velvet sewn together. They were often decorated with gold embroidery. and were wom by fashionable people.

The first knitted worsted stockings appeared in London about the year 1565. Queen Elizabeth received a gift of silk knitted hose, which pleased her so greatly that from that time on she wore silk stockings. These silk stockings were made in Italy, and only the very rich could afford them.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the twentieth century that silk stockings really became available for the average person to wear.

Types Of Stockings For Varicose Veins

1. Support pantyhose. These exert some pressure but are the least tight option.

2. Compression socks and stockings.

3. Prescription compression stockings.

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