Who Invented The Accordion

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The accordion is an instrument made on the principle of the bellows. The sound is made by forcing air through metallic reeds. The development of this instrument can be traced over a period of many years.

Who Invented The Accordion

The metal reeds, which are part of the instrument, were first used by the ancient Chinese in a musical instrument known as a “cheng”. In the sixteenth century, the idea of putting wooden frames on bellows was originated.

It is the opening and closing of bellows that causes a stream of air to vibrate the reeds. The keys of the reeds are depressed. The vibrating of the reeds produces the tone in an accordion. Keyboards, such as are used on both pianos and accordions, are an invention that backs to the twelfth century.

The first instrument that was the ancestor of the modem accordion was produced and patented by an Austrian man called Danfian in 1829. The piano accordion, as it was called, was well known in European countries only, until 1910. Then it was introduced on the American Auroville stage. It has been developed in many ways flince that time and in 1937 it was used for the first time in a symphony orchestra.

The piano accordion has 120 bass keys on one side, and 41 treble keys on the piano-type keyboard.

Where Is The Accordion Originally From?

Vienna is the accordion originally from.

What year was the accordion invented?

Short Answer- Early 1900s.

How long ago was the accordion invented?

Short Answer- It was invented in Germany by Friedrich Buschmann in 1822.

Who is the best accordion player in the world?

1. Lawrence Welk.

2. Pietro Frosini.

3. Guido Deiro.

4. Nick Ariondo.

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