How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Architect?

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You may be thinking about renovating your house or building a completely new one. There may be some concept of what you’d like to see or perhaps you have an idea of your dream home completely formed in your head. Whatever the case, you’re thinking about whether you should hire an architect for your residential project, and how much it’s going to cost.

The architect serves as the link between your imaginative vision and your actual reality. They’re big-picture thinkers but are well-versed in the field of building materials, zoning law and regulations, contractors’ spaces, and structures to define what’s possible and how it could be achieved.

Most importantly, an expert architect will help you understand the many possibilities for the next design. In most cases, they will exceed your expectations. The projects that would otherwise be impossible are reborn in the minds of an imaginative architect.

how much does it cost to hire an architect

Although architects aren’t required for every home however there are many instances in which they are an essential service to future and current homeowners. Let’s first examine the most popular architectural pricing models, and then the typical cost for Austin architects. We’ll then look at the situations that require architectural services and what they entail.

What is it cost to engage an architect?

“How much does an architect cost?” is one of the questions that aren’t easy to answer. There are a myriad of factors that influence the cost of architectural services for residential projects. The best method to obtain an exact estimation for the next job is to contact an architect for a consult. It is worth examining which factors could impact the final cost before you begin any new projects.

The most obvious factor is the scale and the size of the project. It will determine how big and complicated it will be and how long it will require. 

The fees also differ based on the reputation and experience of the individual architect or firm and the type of services they offer (like creating drawings and plans, coordinating construction and construction, etc.). The cost design of the contract likely impacts the final price.

how much does it cost to hire an architect

Common pricing structures

Pricing structures vary between companies and projects. Here are the most typical fee structures you’ll see along with some of the benefits and disadvantages that come with them.

Percentage of cost of construction

The most commonly used contract in full-service architectural firms is to offer a set portion of the project’s cost. It’s usually between 5 to 20 percent. New construction is usually at the bottom of this scale, whereas renovations are on the upper portion. Top-quality architects working on custom-designed projects typically be somewhere between 10 to 16 percent of the cost.

The downside of this approach is that it could be not clear how much the construction costs will be in the initial planning phase. However, the majority of architects are happy to discuss the budget for a particular project prior to a contract being executed.

Per square foot

“How much do architects charge per square foot?” is another question that we are asked. The cost of an architect per square foot needed by the project could differ significantly regardless of the size. 

The amount architects charge per square foot is contingent upon the services they provide that could include conceptual design, construction, or project management. According to HomeAdvisor the typical national cost ranges from $2 to $15 per square foot of a construction project however, this figure can be significantly higher for custom, top-quality projects.


At the hour

Certain architects charge an hourly rate, usually between $75 to $250 per hour, based on their expertise. The principal, who is the head of an architectural company with years of experience–usually will charge upwards of $150 an hour. The junior staff members or newly-created architects may cost less than $100.

If you’re paying an hourly charge it is possible to negotiate an amount for your project with the architect if you don’t have an exact concept of what you’d like to achieve for the next design. This will stop the costs from spiraling beyond control, though you’d need to agree on a new rate once the cap has been set.

Packages and fixed fees

Certain firms or architects will agree to set an amount that is fixed to the entire project as part of the contract. This approach is a great way of avoiding any additional costs that are not anticipated. But, it’s essential to read the contract to determine how the architect came up with this figure.

For certain types of projects, architectural firms could offer a variety of predetermined packages that are in relation to square footage. Homeowners on a budget might want to look into this option in order to cut down for detailed work.

What is the average price an architect will charge to remodel your home?

It’s important to remember that charges for architectural services are usually more expensive for renovations than new construction. For instance, the typical cost for minimal architectural services for a new building is between 8 and 10 percent of the construction cost. For remodels, the average increases to 12 percent, and can rise up to 20% or higher, depending on the services that are provided.

It may sound counterintuitive to remodeling an existing structure is often more complex than designing an entirely new structure. Existing structures have many unknowns that become apparent only when the building phase is complete. The uncertainties usually require modifications of architectural designs.

In reality, renovations and additions have a limited area of scope in comparison to new construction. Customers could save money on general construction costs, however, this isn’t always the situation. If you’re uncertain about whether remodeling, adding on or new construction would best fit your budget, the architect you choose to work with will probably provide the answer.

What is the average price for an architect? charge in Austin?

Austin as with many cities is more expensive in terms of prices for architectural services than areas that are not metropolitan. Data from 2018 revealed that the average Austin client paid in the range of 9.55 to 10.03 percent in the construction cost for architectural services for homes. It is possible to compare this figure with data from other significant Texas cities, such as Houston (9.22 up to 9.68 percent) or San Antonio (9.57 to 10.05 percent) in the same time frame to get a broad idea of Austin’s cost relative.

For top-quality architecture, the total price will be around $350-$450 for each square foot. The most luxurious building projects could be more expensive, ranging from $600 to $800. Remodels and additions are 50% less than new construction, which is about $175-$250 per square foot for renovated spaces.

But, due to the mentioned factors that affect bottom-line estimates, they are dependent on the details of the project You can get a more precise estimate of your project by talking to an architectural firm in your area.

What is included in the architectural fee?

The responsibility of an architect’s or firm The scope of an architect or firm varies from project to however there’s a set of tasks that architects manage throughout the construction and design process. Some architects limit their involvement in design and layout, while others provide a wider range of services that help imagine the end product. 

We at Webber + Studio, inform our clients that should they flip their house upside down and shake it, our standard services will likely cover anything that didn’t come out, from fittings and fixtures to painting and colors to landscapes and the design of the site.

To help you understand what architect’s fees include Let’s take a take a look at an hourly rate in our firm.

The Architectural Process

The architectural process from first consultation and final construction is broken down into five fundamental phases that include sketch design as well as design development, construction documents Bidding and negotiation as well as construction management. These terms might sound complicated however they’re actually simple.

Schematic layoutbegins by submitting your input. Your project is explained to your architect, then they begin to sketch out initial designs. You decide which elements you prefer or dislike in the style.

The development of a designis the result of your comments on the design you initially chose. The architect makes changes and presents to you an updated design, which may include the 3D model. Most clients are satisfied with the design after the second phase of design, however even if you’re still not happy, there are plenty of opportunities to tweak the remainder of the process.

The construction documentation includes drawing elaborate designs that we can send to our contractors’ network to discuss pricing and construction. The drawings are then submitted to the city for the permits needed.

Negotiation and bidding is important but small aspect of the architecture process. We look at the contractor’s prices to assist you in making choices that align with both your design and budget.

Construction Management As the name implies involves the supervising building of design that has been finalized. We regularly visit the construction site and stay in constant connection with contractors in order to answer any questions and make sure the construction is running smoothly.

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