How Much Does It Cost To Join Anytime Fitness?

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The cost of Anytime fitness and Prices for Anytime Fitness is fair considering the top-of-the-line fitness equipment, top-of-the-line personal trainers, and the luxurious facilities that come with membership.

Anytime Fitness is an exercise center that has more than 3000 areas across the United States and the world. It lives up to its name. Anytime Fitness is open all year all day.


It is important to note that the Anytime Fitness rates of membership vary based on the place, the workout programs that you are enrolled in, as well as what type of membership along with other elements. 

how much does it cost to join anytime fitness

The total cost is also dependent on discounts, promotions, and other offers that are available and we recommend updating your membership as Anytime Fitness definitely takes good care of its clients, cost-wise.


In general, however, prices for Anytime Fitness prices range from $38.99/month and $59.99/month Sometimes, they are a bit more expensive for certain places. You can inquire about the 12-month membership as its cost to join is substantially less than the 30-day membership plan.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing membership plans must be at minimum 18 years old. the contract will be signed under the name of the purchaser. A valid identification document, like a driver’s license, is typically required for membership.

Individuals who are underage (i.e. under 17 years old) are also able to become club members, but their parents or legal guardians should also sign the agreement. Numerous gyms offer programs for 16-year-olds and 17-year-old teens as well, which include numerous facilities and services that are available to adults. Parents or legal guardians as well as teenagers must go through this agreement along with the questionnaire for pre-exercise as well as the particular requirements before being accepted.

how much does it cost to join anytime fitness

It is worth noting that the Anytime Fitness costs for members of the Approved Club may also vary according to the location of the club and the membership type.

The advantages of being an affiliate at Anytime Fitness are aplenty including:

  • Access to cardio, strength and fitness equipment.
  • Access to training programs for personal trainers.
  • Participation in team-based workouts such as spin, Zumba, body conditioning and yoga classes.
  • Services for tanning.

The gyms at Anytime Fitness are known for their top-of-the-line services that make each visit a joy. Apart from having access 24 hours a day to the gym, where they have their own membership plans, current members also have access to all of Anytime Fitness gyms throughout The United States (i.e., chain access). 

Then, you can enjoy the most value for money by paying prices at Anytime Fitness prices since you can exercise in any location where the chain offers a fitness center!

Each and every Anytime Gym health club also provides security round the clock and easy parking spots, which are essential for customers who visit during off times and peak hours. 

The health clubs also provide bathrooms and showers with private showers, that are maintained by the staff who are available 24/7. Additionally, there are cardio televisions to help with exercise and high-definition TVs for entertainment.

It is possible that the Anytime Fitness prices for membership could or might not include an initial fee subject to the location.

If you’re a brand new member You will be greeted with a complimentary fitness consultation by the Anytime Fitness consultant. The time will be an hour-long conversation with an individual trainer who will discuss your fitness and health goals, your previous workout history, and your current physical condition in addition to other issues. 

Additionally, you will be offered brief tours of the facility so that you will be able to see the overall layout in a way, maybe even meet some of the staff members and regular clients.

There will also be an initial warm-up session and an easy workout to get you off in the right direction in the right direction at Anytime Fitness. Your fitness coach and you will also devise an individual 30-day fitness program that is an excellent start for those who are just beginning their journey or have fallen off the track for long.

With the fitness advice and workout, you’ll get the most value for money, even if you initially believe that Anytime Fitness prices are slightly more expensive than you thought. Wear comfortable clothes for your workout and tennis shoes and carry a water bottle with you so that you can get active immediately after the ink on your membership contract has dried.

If you’re the first person to arrive in an Anytime Fitness gym, you will be able to agree that a welcoming and efficient fitness experience is assured! You’ve got the information you require – your customized fitness program – as well as the assistance of a personal trainer who will help you begin your journey with a positive mental attitude. You’re likely to be part of an encouraging community with clients and trainers who offer encouragement and motivation for one another.

Imagine it in this way: You’re not only joining a fitness club. You’re also part of a close-knit group of fitness enthusiasts who be there to help one another. Being part of a community will make all the Anytime Fitness costs worth it!

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Every member who is active has fob keys, also known as an access card that lets them use Anytime Fitness clubs. It is necessary to wipe it in order to access any facilities, services, and services offered by the club you’re at. Also, remember certain guidelines and rules regarding the use of it, including:

  • You should not allow non-members access a club by using your fob keys without the consent of the club personnel.
  • It is not advisable to let others make use of your card too.
  • Do not think that other club members or staff to allow you entry into the premises without a fob card. You might have forgotten you access cards or have lost them. In this case, you could present a picture ID, and only at the discretion of your staff.

The dos and don’ts of membership are clearly stated in the agreement for membership. Then, you must go through them and be sure to understand them before signing the dotted line and seek clarification if needed.

If you are interested, in the first 31 days following signing the membership contract in an area near you it is possible to join and use additional Anytime Fitness clubs. We recommend that you adhere to all the guidelines and rules contained in the agreement since the management has the right to cancel or terminate your membership in the event of a violation.


The clubs at Anytime Fitness offer an extensive range of fitness equipment. The cardio equipment comprises treadmills, ellipticals bicycles, stair climbers as well as rowing equipment. Strength training equipment comprises cables, free weights racks, kettlebells, and racks as well as other equipment.

These aren’t the typical gyms, but the management is constantly striving to give its customers the most enjoyable exercise experience each time. The equipment comes with sophisticated features that include AMT trainers, cross-trainers Lateral X Trainers, and Synergy 360 systems. Pick an item of equipment you’ll need and the majority of the clubs are sure to already have it!

Let’s say that the Anytime Fitness fees for membership privileges are among the most affordable in the business. You are able to access the latest fitness equipment which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Each member has the option of exercising on their own or with the assistance of a personal trainer. We recommend this option in case you’re just starting out or have particular goals for fitness, as personal trainers are able to provide expert advice on the most important issues.

If you’re interested in group or team workouts There are many exercise programs at the neighborhood Anytime Fitness gym. Group workouts can be ideal for increasing the effectiveness of your workout because they provide a safe atmosphere and personal accountability in addition to other advantages.

Remember that Anytime Fitness prices for membership might or may not include participation in team exercises. The staff is the first to ask for more details, particularly in the case of a tight budget for fitness.

The team exercise options include:

  • The base program helps fitness instructors develop proper technique, form and movements as well as establish a baseline degree of physical fitness. In this case, the goal is to maximise the energy and reduce the chance of injury through preparing the body to take on greater challenges.
  • Burn program that involves intense workouts using weight-training equipment and cardio. It is possible to burn as much as 1,000 calories in an hour in the course of your workout therefore it’s an excellent workout to lose weight.
  • Build program is a great workout for people looking for more strength, but not gain excessive bulk. More fit, slimmer and stronger and more athletic are the main goals of every participant in the program.

A fitness instructor or personal trainer will be able to determine which one of these programs you’re the best fit for. It is recommended to listen to the suggested workout program unless you are unsure regarding its effectiveness in your particular situation.


Another perk of membership is the free download from the Anytime Fitness App to your smartphone, for example, tablets or smartphones. The app permits its users to:

  • Check their current membership status.
  • Update their personal data.
  • Find gyms in the vicinity.
  • Confirm, make and change or cancel appointments.
  • Explore their history at the gym.
  • Find promotions and special offers at the gyms.

Additionally, the app permits users to set goals, monitor their progress both inside and outside of the gym, and adjust their plans according to their progress. There’s also an app called Anytime Workouts that contains more than 1,000 workouts for individual use along with long-term health plans. Users can get access to new workouts, alter the workouts, and share them with other users in the event that they want to.

You are able to choose from the myriad of workouts that are available in three different ways:

  • By goal, like weight loss, bodybuilding, and training for sports.
  • With keywords, for example chest, booty, and leg exercises.
  • Fitness degree, like beginning or weight-based.

The app is incredibly simple to use because of its intuitive interface. Since it’s part of your smartphone you’ll be able to quickly access it to keep track of your progress, add your non-gymnastic workouts (e.g. climbing steps) and pick your next exercise while traveling.


Anytime Fitness offers free 7-day membership for those who are interested. It is a great way to experience features, services, and services offered by the gym prior to signing a contract. In many gyms, there’s a limit on access for guests, but it’s standard practice in the business.

Members are able to bring visitors to Anytime Fitness gyms subject to the terms and conditions. Be sure to inquire about these since every gym will have different rules regarding this. Certain gyms may automatically offer members a guest pass prior to charging, while others allow members to invite guests for an additional fee.

Be aware that the term “guest” also include family members as well as acquaintances who aren’t members or members of an Anytime Fitness gym.

Accessibility to the more than 4000 locations across the globe. Great membership benefits. Fitness equipment that is top of the line and fitness programs. Personal trainers. Modern facilities and facilities.

All of these benefits are yours if you take your Anytime Fitness pricing of membership! What are you putting off? Visit the closest Anytime Fitness gym and see the difference for yourself!

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