How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Aligned?

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A properly aligned wheel helps the life of your tires increases your fuel efficiency and safeguards your suspension which keeps you and your passengers secure. It helps reduce the stress of steering and helps ensure that your car is driving straight instead of turning to one side.

It’s strongly recommended to pay an expert to complete the work because they utilize digital technology that gives higher-quality results in a shorter time.

how much does it cost to get your car aligned

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a procedure in which a highly-skilled mechanic adjusts your car’s wheels so that they meet the specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle. The three most important measurements that the mechanic will use to adjust are the camber, toe, and caster.


Toe is the direction in which your tires are pointing. It’s the most important component of your alignment, but it’s also the easiest part to change. A properly aligned toe will help you maintain a straight course despite the frequent small adjustments on the wheel when driving. The correct toe helps you safely turn and reduces premature wear on your tires.

  • Toe-in alignment means that your tires point towards each one.
  • Toe-out means your tires face towards the outside, away from each the other.

For the majority of passenger cars, the proper angle is typically just a little toe in the alignment.

how much does it cost to get your car aligned


Camber is the term used to describe whether your tires are leaning into or out. It is also possible to think of camber the degree to which your tires rest with respect to the flat road surface. If the angle isn’t in the specifications of the manufacturer The outer and inner sides of your tire will get worn out faster.

  • Positive camber is when the tires are tilted inwards, away from one other.
  • Negative camber refers to the fact that the tires are tilted towards each other, inwards.

The negative camber on the rear wheels can help the car to turn corners easier by increasing contact with road. However, excessive negative camber makes the car difficult to steer and wears down the inner rims of your tires overly. In the event that one tire is positive, and another wheel goes negative the car will be pulled towards the positive side.


Caster refers to how the angles of your steering axis, or front suspension. Caster influences how your car is able to steer, but it does not affect the wear of your tires.

  • Positive Caster is when the steering axis is tilted by a few degrees to the back of the car. This is the direction you’d like. It assists the steering wheel to get back to its proper place after turning it.
  • Negative casting is a possibility when you crash the object with your car. Your car will begin to pull towards the negative side.

The left and right angles of casters should generally be the same, or close as. It is important to keep in mind that variations in fractions of an inch could cause wear to the components even when you aren’t able to visualize the tires at unnatural or incorrect angles.

What Is the Average Price for a Wheel Alignment?

It is possible to have an alignment test at no cost, however, the cost for the alignment itself is likely to start at approximately $90. Prices can differ based on the location, however, some chains across the country offer the same price across the entire country. Here’s an example of how much costs (parts along with labor) to complete an alignment for the wheel on the new 2018 Ford F-150 pickup truck in various cities across the country as per Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

What Factors Impact Alignment Price?

  • Type of alignment
  • Model and make of vehicle
  • Modifications to vehicles
  • Suspension conditions
  • One-time is not the same as. lifetime alignment

Type of alignment

The kind of alignment, whether digital or manual, is one aspect that influences the price. Digital alignment costs more upfront but can cost less in the end due to its accuracy. Auto shops have to charge extra for this service due to the expense of the equipment and labor.

In order to perform an alignment using digital technology mechanic will move your car on an alignment rack. They will then connect brackets that have sensor technology to the tires. A separate piece of equipment, a console equipped with cameras, records measurements from the sensors on tires.

The software of the console evaluates the measurements taken against the database of manufacturer specifications for that particular vehicle’s brand and type. A mechanic will then make all the necessary adjustments to improve the alignment of the vehicle, with constant assistance from the machine’s measurements.

The mechanic should provide you with an electronic copy of the prior and after measurements of the alignment of your vehicle to show the job done properly, or if additional repairs are required.

An alignment done manually is, however, usually more affordable and can be accomplished by measuring the tires manually using strings. The mechanic will make use of the length of the string as well as measuring tape to determine the distance between one tire’s rear to the rear of the right tire. This will allow you to determine the camber, toe, and caster.

Wheel Alignment Cost

This method is simpler to do with two persons however it is less expensive than the assessment using a computer. Although it sounds less accurate it is true that drag racers running 200 mph are often aligned this way as well as for vehicles that have been altered from their original configuration, manual alignment is required.

Vehicle Make and Model

While a digital alignment is able to provide readings for all four wheels. However, some vehicles require only front-end or two-wheel alignments due to their sturdy rear axle. If you’re paying $130, your vehicle requires alignment for all four wheels and $90 if it only requires an alignment on the front.

It is not advisable to seek an alignment at the front of an automobile that requires an alignment of four wheels to save money since the technician would not be able to complete the job properly. Instead, you can bring your vehicle to a service that has the same cost for all cars.

Premium or expensive automobiles, especially those equipped that feature Active steering or adaptive suspensions might require more specific methods. These vehicles are usually better served by having the alignment performed by a dealer or maker-specific expert. This is also true for the few manufacturers and models that offer four-wheel steering, for example, those of the 90s, like the Honda Prelude, though most alignment shops will have instruction regarding alignment procedures for these models.

Vehicle Modifications

If your vehicle needs aligning, an expert mechanic needs to enter underneath your car with the help of tools to alter various components of the suspension. The alignment machine can only take measurements. The more complex the alignment process will be, the more time it requires and the higher you’ll have to spend.

For instance, if your car requires an additional two hours of work then you could be charged an additional $210 in addition to the usual alignment cost of $90.

There are a few shops that can do an alignment on an altered vehicle So, call ahead to confirm.

Suspension Condition

Additionally, it will cost more to have an alignment for your wheels if a component of your steering or suspension including your tires is damaged or worn. It is necessary to have the parts replaced or repaired before your wheels are aligned properly. The additional labor and parts are an additional cost in addition to your alignment services.

One-time vs. Lifetime Alignment

The purchase of a multi-year or lifetime alignment service could be worth it in the event that you are confident that you will keep your car for long enough to require alignments from that same place that makes it worthwhile for the cost you pay. If, for instance, the cost of an alignment is $90, and the lifetime alignment is 200 dollars, then you’ll have about $70 ahead when you get your third alignment. If you reside in an area that has a lot of potholes or drive your car off-road, lifetime alignments could be worth the cost.

Instead of offering a lifetime alignment, some mechanics provide packages that offer service for a specific amount of time. They could cost $90 for one-time alignment and $125 for a one-year alignment policy, $175 to cover three-year policies and the price could be $215 for a five-year policy.

How to Know if Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

If you’re looking to be towards the side of preventive maintenance, the simplest method of determining whether your car requires aligning is to determine the time since the last alignment and then evaluate the condition of your car.

If you’ve traveled 36,000 miles or three years since the previous alignment, then it’s probably the right time to get it checked. If you’re driving on rough roads and it’s been just a year or so since the last alignment, you’ll need to take it to be checked.

The most noticeable indicator is that your car is pulling toward one side with speed. If your tires are properly inflated, drive your vehicle on an empty, flat road and continue to drive straight at 30 to 40 mph. Does it pull to one side even though you’re not actively driving? If yes, it’s the right time to change your settings.

Apart from the mileage, here are other indicators that indicate it could be time to consider an alignment of your wheels:

  • You’ve been hit by an obstruction, driven into a pole, or walked over an enormous pothole
  • Your car was involved in a crash
  • Your tires wear unevenly
  • You must change one of your tires within about 6,000-10,000 miles (tires are expected to last at least 40,000 miles)
  • Just bought new tires (you’ll require an alignment in order to safeguard your warranty)
  • The steering column is vibrating when you’re driving
  • There is a lot of road noise when driving. Your car vibrates as you turn around
  • You’ve been fitted with a lift kit
  • You’ve replaced all steering or suspension components

If your vehicle requires alignment, you can have it done at a tire repair shop or automotive shop, or even a dealership.

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