How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Cartilage Pierced?

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A cartilage piercing can cost between $35-$85, depending on the cartilage section that is being targeted for piercing. Tragus piercings for instance will cost at the lower range. However, if you opt for a more intricate piercing, it will be more expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $85 for the piercing and jewelry if you choose an orbital or industrial piercing.

The Factors Involved in Cartilage Piercing Prices

The fact is that the cost of a cartilage surgery can be purchased at different prices. A variety of factors influence the price of cartilage piercing. This is why it’s important to know what factors can impact the price.

how much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced

Piercer Experience

In most tattoo parlors and body piercing salons, more experienced piercers charge more expensive prices. Why? because they are regarded by clients for being extremely adept at what they do. This results in huge demand for these Piercers from customers who have been with them for a while and referrals.

This doesn’t mean that the piercers that are less expensive at the same salon will not do an excellent job on your piercing. It’s just something you must be aware of before you are quoted a price.

Piercing Technique

Yes, you can visit the mall or a shopping center to have your ear done cheaply using the piercing gun, however, cartilage piercings are more secure as well as much less painful when done with needles for piercing and monitored by a certified body piercer.

The reason that piercing guns are thought to be less expensive is due to the places where they are used typically hiring individuals with no knowledge of piercing and expertise.

how much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced at a tattoo shop

Area of Cartilage

The different parts of your ear can cost you more or less money to have punctured. Every ear apart from the lobe is composed of cartilage. Therefore, you might need an or helix, orbital industrial, or other kinds of cartilage perforation.

Studio Popularity

As with a personal Piercer, certain studios are more popular than other studios. Studios with a bigger client base will be more expensive. But, this is also a sign that their piercers are an abundance of experience.

Studio Location

In the case of most services the location is a factor in the final price. If you choose to go to an office in a small town, you’ll likely get a lower price than at a piercing salon located in the city. This is due to the demand. Since there are fewer people who need services in a smaller space and the studio is able to do less work than a studio that is located in an area with a lot of activity in a city.

how much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced at a tattoo shop

Studios located in areas with a lot of traffic can make their shops exclusive to specific customer segments, and are able to do so with more expensive prices. Of course, this implies that the studio with the higher price could offer more options.

The Jewelry You Select

A large portion of the cost of piercing your body is the cost of the jewelry that you are put in. Before you decide to save some money by choosing the least expensive alternative, you must be aware of the dangers.

Jewelry made from inferior substances is much more likely to cause irritation to your ears. It could also result in them becoming infected or failing to heal correctly. Any reputable piercer should suggest safe metals such as titanium, gold, or steel for cartilage piercing.

how much does it cost to get your cartilage pierced at claire's


It is likely that you leave the store with a few more items in addition to your cartilage piercing that you just had the earring it is. You might want to buy additional earrings to wear until your piercing heals, and you are able to change the piercing.

More likely than not, you’ll be advised to purchase any products for your aftercare as the cartilage piercing process is healing. It is highly recommended to apply the appropriate products for aftercare that are recommended by your piercer.

The most effective product for aftercare that I’ve personally tried is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. It’s not just vegan, it’s totally alcohol- and additive-free. It is suitable for any type of skin including sensitive skin. Furthermore, it’s packaged in a huge mist-spraying bottle that is easy to apply. Utilizing it from the beginning of the healing process helps reduce healing time and will remove any remaining soreness or pain.

Cartilage Piercing TypeCartilage Piercing Price
Forward Helix$30-$60

Why The Cheapest Prices Aren’t Always The Best Option

As we’ve mentioned, a lot of things could be wrong if you go for the least expensive method to cut cartilage. Therefore, cost shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining whether you decide on the location or the person who will pierce your ears. Here’s a list of things to look at when you’re considering being cost-effective.

  • A less skilled piercer is more likely fail or make the place incorrect
  • Studio or piercers with less experience are less likely to adhere to proper hygiene practices which are crucial in preventing infection
  • The piercings of the cartilage are more likely to get damaged or infected which can cause adverse effects like cartilage piercing bumps/keloids
  • Jewelry made of cheap materials can be more prone to harbor bacteria and contain irritant materials that could trigger allergies and infections.
  • It is not possible to change the jewellery until the cartilage is completely healed. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best quality jewelry it is possible to afford, as you’ll wear it for a long time
  • Also, going for a cheaper option could cause complications that will require you to to return to have a re-pierced which will cost you more regardless (not to mention, more discomfort!)

Common Discounts

If you’re wondering if the cost difference is worth it to go with an upscale shop, after all, a lot of people have had cartilage piercings in the mall, don’t you think?-consider the possibility of being qualified for a discounted price in a studio. Here are some common discounts on piercings offered.

  • A discount price is offered for the second piece of two pieces, like the case if you decide to buy an additional double cartilage piercing
  • Discounted price for repiercing a spot which was previously pierced.
  • Buy one and get one free piece of jewelry
  • Student discounts
  • There is no cost for jewelry when you bring your own suitable jewelry
  • Price reduced if you book an appointment prior to the time you want

There aren’t many piercing studios that have these offers However, it’s not a bad idea to find out what offer you can avail before you decide on any studio.


Prices for piercings on the cartilage can differ significantly. It’s an expression of your personality that will be part of you for many years to be. Check out the options for piercing studios near your home and then consider spending some extra to guarantee that the piercing you choose to have will be safe and beautiful.

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