How Much Does It Cost To Get Dreads?

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If you’ve made the decision to secure your hair, you’ve taken an important decision. While the idea might be to you, you’re probably concerned about the process and the expense. If you’re worried about whether the expected look is right for your needs, consider experimenting with temporary Dreadlocks first.

This will provide you with an overview of whether wearing dreadlocks for a long time is the best option for you.

how much does it cost to get dreads

Once you’re sure you’d like to lock your hair The second step would be to create an appropriate budget. There are many types of dreadlocks to select based on your preferences.

Faux locks are fake hair extensions that are created to look like natural hair extensions like dreadlocks. Some are made of very vibrant yarn or wool.

Locs that are natural (sometimes known by the name of “free form”) are typically free and without cost. All you have to do is allow your hair to seal all by itself, without combing it, but you have to maintain its cleanliness by regularly washing it.

If you’re considering getting dreadlocks, keep reading this article to learn what they are, including the price. Let’s dive into it.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Dreadlocks?

The estimated cost for getting your dreads cut by a professional loctician ranges between $250-$1200. They typically charge per hour and in accordance with the length of your hair or the amount of hair you have. They also look at the number of hair strands you’d like before they charge you.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult first and negotiate with a stylist for dreadlocks to discuss the specific charges specially for you.

3 Key factors that affect the cost of Dreadlocks

There are certain factors that determine the fees for various dreadlock styles. These elements affect the length of time a stylist has to use to lock your hair. The longer the duration is, the more expensive the fees will be. The main factors are:

1. Hair Length

The first thing that a hairstylist takes into consideration is how long your hair is. If your hair is of waist length, be prepared to be charged more than someone who has shoulder length hair.

The reason for this is that it takes longer to complete your hair because of its length. If you are on a tight budget it is possible to cut your hair into shorter lengths to lower the cost.

2. The Number of Locs

Based on the amount of strands or locs that you wish to have, your price will be calculated based on the number of locs or strands you want. If you’re looking for more locs and strands, the hair will be split into sections in order to accomplish that.

Be aware that this can mean that a lot of time in the process of completing the job. Plus, more time means more cash.

3. Your Hair Volume

A full-on head of hair puts the most strain in terms of styling, and dreadlocks certainly aren’t the only exception.

Whatever the number of wish your hair to be, it’s going to take a lot of time because the density of the loc has to match the hair’s thickness, which will require more effort. Be prepared to shell out more for hair that is thick.

Below is a summary of the findings from research conducted on the costs of getting Dreadlocks done based on the amount of hairs in the area, length of the hair, and length of time.

how much does it cost to get dreads at a salon

How Much Does It Cost to Get Dreadlocks at Home? (DIY)

It is possible to be imaginative and attempt to take in the process of creating dreadlocks yourself at home. There are fake extensions for dreadlocks that are simple to put together with the help of crochet needles.

Get a front and an rear one to make things simpler for you. You can sit between the mirrors and turn your back to the opposite. If you’d rather locking hair that is your locks naturally secured, it’s possible to have it done too.

There are many high-quality products available in the marketplace, either in person or online. I’ve compiled a list of excellent products to choose for fixing based on your budget and preference of the dreadlock style.

This leads us to two main kinds of dreadlocks

  1. Using Dreadlock Extensions
  2. Free Form/ Neglect Method

I’ll give you some ideas on how you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are two ways to get dreadlocks completed. The first involves extensions, while the other method is the free form method.

The first thing you should do in both cases should be to clean the hair thoroughly using shampoo. Do not use conditioners because, in accordance with the guidelines of dreadlocks, your hair should not be too soft when locking.

1. Using Dreadlock Extensions

In total, if you opt for a hair extension that is less expensive between $15 and $25 the cost will be around $50 (with the cost of shampoo, crochet, and wax/gel cost included). If you choose to purchase real human hair extensions can be in the $100+ cost range.

DIY Procedure (Extensions Method):

  • Separate your hair into small sections that are equal to the amount of locs you’d like and tie it off by rubber bands.
  • Then, pull each band loose one by one and tie them into threes.
  • Take one cord that is your loc extension and weave it through the center of each braid you created with crochet.
  • Then, tie every strand of braided hair to the appropriate extension until you are finished.
  • Lastly, apply a tiny amount of glue to the strands, starting at the base and then rolling the loc with both palms.
  • If you’ve applied too much gel or wax, then blow dry your entire hair to prevent the build-up of the wax in your hair which can cause bad smell or cause mold.
  • Make sure to keep your locs in good condition by regularly washing them with dreadlocks shampoo. You can also use sprays or moisturizers to treat the dreadlocks following.
how much does it cost to get dreads at a salon

2. Free Form/ Neglect Method

The cost of DIY is typically about $85 if you take into account all the hair care products you’ll require.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Dreadlocks at a Salon?

The process of having your hair done by a professional at the salon can cost you more due to the professional charges you’ll be charged. The average stylist charges around $50 per hour as an expense for services.

Based on the elements discussed previously you’ll need to calculate the duration of time you will spend locking your hair.

If the stylist’s cost doesn’t include the extension then you’ll need to pay for the extensions yourself (I have chosen some alternatives to help you). You may also want to purchase your own crochet (for reasons of safety) and then pair it with your shampoo or wax.

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