When Was Gold Discovered

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It is almost certain that gold was the first metal known to One reason for this is that gold is found in the free state, uncombined with other metals or rocks. The bright yellow color and shining appearance of gold probably attracted the attention of a primitive man. Exactly when this happened can- not be known, because it was long before recorded.

When Was Gold Discovered

Some of the earliest records of gold have to do with the treasure of European kings. These records are more than 5,500 years old. The next records are of the ancient Assyrians who, in the year 2470 B.C., conquered their neighbours and carried away stolen gold.

The Greek and  Roman kings also loved gold. They obtained as much gold as possible by stealing from conquered countries and by using slaves to dig in the mines. During the Middle Ages, men were so anxious to have gold that they tried to find a way to change other metals to gold. They mixed and melted many different things, but they never found a way to do it.

Still later, Spain sent many explorers to all parts of the world to search for gold. The discovery of gold anywhere in the world has always caused a nish of people to that place. Gold was discovered in California in 1848 and the Gold Rush of ’49 followed. The thing happened when gold was discovered in Australia ii 1851, in British Columbia in 1856, South Africa in 1886, and in Alaska in 1896.

How Long Has Gold Been Around?

The first use of gold as money occurred around 700 B.C.

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