What Was The First Music

There are many legends among many peoples of how music began. The Bible tells of Jubal, the father of musicians. An old Spanish book describes how Jubal listened to Tubalcain’s forge and noticed that the sounds then low tones made by pounding the anvil differed in pitch. He tried imitating these sounds with his voice and soon found himself singing high tones.

What Was The First Music

The Greek myths tell of Pan, the inventor of the shepherd’s pipe. Pan sighed through the reeds on a riverbank and heard his breath pro- duce a mournful wail as it passed through them. He broke them off in unequal lengths, bound them together, and he had a musical instrument!

Such tales are, of course, pure fancy. All primitive people do seem to have made the music of some sort. But this music was not for pleasure alone. It had meaning as part of their lives. Folk music, which is an ancient type of music, started when untrained singers made up songs.

The Greeks related music to poetry and drama. They used instruments such as harps, lyres, and flutes. The art of music owes a great deal of its growth to the early Christian church. In time, church music there developed other forms and types, new instruments were invented, and music became an established art.

Who Invented Music?

The first Western system of functional names for the musical notes was introduced by Guido of Arezzo (c. 991 – after 1033).

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