What Are Flatfish

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Nearly all flatfish are valued highly as food. The European sole is commonly considered to be the most delicious of all fish. The largest member of the flatfish family is the halibut. After it was discovered that halibut liver oil was the richest natural source of Vitamin A, as well as possessing a high Vitamin D content, halibut fishing became specialized, and special “halibut ships” were built. By far the most commercially important flatfish is the place. This fish, easily recognizable by its characteristic red spots, is very common around our coasts. The flounder, which comes up in many tidal rivers, is also common here.

What Are Flatfish

Among the more than 500 different kinds of flatfish are sole, flounder, fluke, halibut, and turbot. They have bodies that are flat like a pancake, and they lie and swim on one side with both of their eyes up on top.

But long, long ago, the flatfish did not travel and rest on their sides. They lived and moved an upright position, and as a result, they were being destroyed by their enemies. Then some of them, in order to survive, to travel and rest entirely on their sides, and after thousands of years, all flatfish began to do this.

But there was one problem. This meant that one eye would be buried in the mud and the mouth was at a bad angle for eating. So for thousands of years, these fish began trying to twist the buried eye around to where it could see. And gradually this eye developed on the top of the head on the upper side!

The fantastic thing is that today, each Catfish after it is born goes through this process. It repeats the whole process of its evolution during its own lifetime—its eye actually travels across the top of its head and comes out on top!

What Is The Name Of A Flatfish?

Flounder, Halibut, Sole, Plaice, Dab, Turbot, and more.

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