How Much Does It Cost To Skirt A Mobile Home?

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On average, you can estimate spending $500 – $900 to complete an average-sized single wide, and $900 to $1800 for the double-wide. This is in addition to the $100-150 that is added to the price to include openings for access doors, vents, and framing required.

There are vinyl kits for a single width costing about 600 dollars. It includes channeling and the finishing pieces.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Home Skirting?

Apart from making your home appear complete, skirting provides security for plumbing and helps keep plumbing pipes from getting frozen. It also stops unwanted animals from creating areas beneath their homes and even provides the space to store your belongings under decks and porches. In short, you require skirting for your mobile or manufactured home.

Installed stone underpinning

How Much Skirting Do I Need?

In the beginning, you must determine the linear footage for your mobile home. This may sound complicated however it’s not. The linear footage calculation simply involves adding both the width and length of the walls of your home. This includes all extensions including porches, decks, and decks within the exterior of your home (that skirting will be put on).

The sum you will get after adding all sides together is the amount of boarding, channeling, and footing that the skirting can join to, or if it’s vinyl siding, then the back, top, and ground tracks. For porches and decks only count the sides because the final part is already taken care of in the measurement of your home.

The next step is to determine the height that your home is above the ground so that you can determine how much skirting it’ll be able to take in terms of height. It’s not too difficult, but there are some numbers to consider.

What Is The Purpose Of Trailer Skirting

In the beginning, you’ll determine the dimensions from the 4 corners of your house. Begin at the floor and move upwards to 2 inches away from your house’s wall (or in the area where the channel would be connected to the home in order to secure it in place).

Then, you’ll need to go to the middle of the house (the longest sides) and take a measurement of the height. The measurements will be taken on both the front as well as the back sides of the house.

Then, add up all the measurements and divide them by six to determine the number of times you’ve taken those measurements. This will give you the average height in inches. Based on these two measurements you’ll know how much skirting you’ll need to purchase.

What Types Of Skirting Should I Use on my Mobile Home?

There are many kinds of skirting for mobile homes! The most well-known are:

  • Vinyl skirting.
  • Faux rock panel skirting.
  • Brick, concrete or blocks made of cinder.
  • Metal or tin skirting.
  • Foam skirting(sometimes called an insulated skirting).
  • Plywood, OSB or t-111 skirting.
metal framing installed for mobile home skirting panels 1

Vinyl Skirting

There’s plenty to praise about the vinyl skirting. It is a very reasonable cost and it’s easy to put up and can create an appealing and attractive home. But there are certain reasons why vinyl skirting isn’t the best option. It’s not as durable as other options in the face of extreme storms and winds. In addition, if you are in the backyard it’s difficult to prevent the string from causing damage to the skirting.

Faux Rock or Reil Rock

There are a variety of types and styles of skirting that look like rock. Some appear more authentic than others. Apart from vinyl, the Reil rock panels are popular throughout the South. It’s stronger, so it is able to withstand elements and weed killers better.

If you are looking for the authentic rock look in your home, it will cost a little more. The style and the insulation value from faux rock skirting constructed of polyurethane could be the best option for you. It’s lightweight and appears like a real rock. It also has the brick-like look with this kind of skirting

Reil rock skirting offers great protection from weather and is available in a range of styles that make it easy to match the colors of your home. They’re a little more costly than standard vinyl skirting but less expensive than genuine faux or natural rock panels.

Metal or Tin Skirting

Metal is among my most preferred metal materials for skirting my mobile home. Actually, I have used it on my mobile home.

Metal is an excellent choice because it’s affordable, simple to put up, and robust. There are a variety of profiles and types of metals to use to skirt. The most sought-after is a ribbed metal sheet which is utilized as roofing for sheds and barns. The ribbed panels are put up horizontally or vertically, as in the photo below. The panels measure 4’x8 so you can cover up to 8 feet at a time. Paint is also an option for metal.

Underpinning of mobile home

Metal panels with corrugations are shining panels that have waves. They were trendy just a few years ago, and are being used by people to replace the ceilings of their homes and to take showers.

How Much Does it Cost to Skirt a Mobile Home?

There are different kinds of vinyl that are used in the production of skirting. The majority of kits for mobile homes are constructed using recycled vinyl, which is less expensive and thinner.

Do mobile home skirtings need to be vented?

Yes, it is. Ventilation in the space in which you crawl is as essential for a factory-built home as it is for a home built on-site and a lack of ventilation results in the same problems as both: wood rot in the flooring framing and warped floorboards and the growth of mold.

Is the skirting board simple to install?

With the installation of skirting boards in ordinary box-shaped space, it’s generally best to start by putting your skirting boards on the left-right side and proceeding through the room in a clockwise direction. If you have walls with plasterboard Instant-grab adhesive is the most convenient method of attaching skirting boards to walls.

Are skirting boards able to be glued onto the wall?

You could also attach your skirting on the wall with the gap-filling grab adhesive. If you have any holes that require filling with the wall, apply the infill boards. If you are using adhesive, place it on both sides of the boards using blobs separated with regular intervals. Then, put PVA glue on any exterior miters.

The number of vents for a house’s skirting have?

Install at the very least one vent for each 150 square feet floor space within the trailer, and a minimum being eight vents.

What is the best material to use to skirt your mobile home?

There are a variety of materials that you can choose from to cover your home. Brick stucco, stucco, tin (metal) as well as cinder block T1011, plywood faux rock, hardy board, and vinyl are but the most common.

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