How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Helicopter?

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The experience of flying on a helicopter could be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for the majority of people. everyone should take a helicopter ride at least once in their life.

The cost to lease a helicopter will depend on the rental agency and the type, as well as the duration you would like to lease it for. However, in general, a small-sized aircraft (2 seats) is about $300/hour. A medium aircraft (4 seats) will cost around 500$ per hour. Anything more than which will require a custom inquiry.

Helicopter Rental Cost Calculator

If you’re looking to get an average estimate of the amount you will have to spend using a trusted cost calculator is a great method to do.

The one I found the most helpful was the one created through “Charter Helicopter”. It will give you a number of options, with each providing some very useful information regarding it, such as the price, the helicopter model, features, as well as the number of seats available.

how much does it cost to rent a helicopter

The price is calculated by adding the time of flight as well as the ferrying time and the cost of the agency. This means that certain fees that are applicable to your particular circumstance could increase the cost slightly.

There are a few additional costs you could encounter:

  • Taxes: 7.5% would be a reasonable estimate for the majority of instances.
  • Standby charges The majority of operators will offer you one hour of standby free when they quote round-trip. After that, you will discover that the cost will increase by about $200 per hour at a minimum.
  • Fees for landing The majority of airports have a landing charge which can reach $250. Smaller airports usually have lower fees.
  • Credit card charges Wire transfers can be a fantastic method to reduce the cost of credit card charges and lower the cost of your purchase by 2.5 percent up to 4percent.

How Much Does A Helicopter Ride Cost

The cost can fluctuate based upon the hour of the day, the area as well as the length of time, and also the exact helicopter you will use it for.

The majority of rides are between 20 and 45 minutes and can cost between $200 and $500. Certain deals with higher quality can be as high as $2,000 per hour. Each deal comes with specific characteristics, such as the number of activities, fashion, the group type…etc.

If you’re in search of excellent value for your money the best option is to select “T4F Agency”. It is the only reliable website we’ve come across that offers services in all areas of the world, such as North America Latin America, and Europe, as well as Oceania and Asia.

Kaman K Max K 1200 available from Helicopter

How Much Does A Helicopter Cost To Run

As you would imagine, it is contingent on a range of variables, including the kind that the engine is (turbine, piston…etc), is it a twin or single-engine, and what is the direct operating cost…etc.

For example, the typical cost of running a Robinson R22, an all-seat, single-engine light utility helicopter can range from $200 to 300 dollars per hour.

In contrast, a mid-sized commercial utility helicopter like the Sikorsky s-76 is going to cost 10 times more than the r22. It will cost you a whopping $2,000/hour.

If it’s not enough to satisfy your requirements, you could look for something more sophisticated such as the Sikorsky s-92 that is priced at about $3,000/hour.

Light Helicopters

  • Rotorway Exec 162F: $64,350.
  • Rotorway A600 Talon: $99,700.
  • Enstrom F28F: $360,000.
  • Enstrom 280FX Shark: $380,000.
  • Enstrom 480B: $640,000.
  • Eurocopter EC120 Colibri: $795,000.
  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger: $900,000.
  • Bell 206 Long Ranger IV: $1,4M.
  • Eurocopter EC145: $2,0M.
  • MD Helicopters MD 600: $2.9M.
  • Eurocopter EC135: $3,0M.
  • Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota: $5,9M.
  • AgustaWestland AW109: $6,3M.

Mid Size Helicopters

  • Bell 407: $2,6M.
  • Bell 210: $3,4M.
  • PZL Kania: $3,9M.
  • Bell 427: $4,5M.
  • Kaman K-Max : $5,1M.
  • Bell 429: $5,4M.
  • Bell 430: $6,2M.

Large Helicopters

  • Bell 412: $6,7M.
  • AgustaWestland AW139: $10M.
  • Eurocopter EC155 B1: $10,2M.
  • Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma: $16,2M.
  • Eurocopter Super Puma EC225: $18M.
  • Agusta Westland AW101 VIP: $18,2M.

With a few figures to consider it is easy to determine what the cost of a helicopter is.

For a light-duty, low-end helicopter, the prices tend to range from $60k to $400k. If you’re spending more and require more room for moving around, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $600k to $1 million. If you are looking for high-end light helicopters, prices range between $1M and $10 million.

how much does it cost to rent a helicopter for a day

For medium-sized helicopters, you typically will find yourself sitting between $3M to $10 million.

Finally, for large helicopters, prices can be quite different depending on which one you’re focusing on. The cheapest choppers are usually sold for $7 million, while high-end models will cost up to $70 million easily.


How Much Does Helicopter Fuel Cost

In general, the price tends to be between $4.50 and $7.00 for each gallon. If you’ve got a specific model of a helicopter in the back of your mind, and you have the flight manual, many come with “fuel flow” charts that illustrate the notional fuel consumption at an altitude of a particular altitude, as well as the weight gross.

Can i rent a helicopter for prom

Yes, there are special deals for that.

Do you have a helicopter rental service available for weddings?

Yes, there are many offers available for this too.

How do i book a helicopter ride

We suggest “T4F agency” They will offer all choices available, with specific information.

What distance can helicopters travel

The majority of helicopters can travel 800km without needing to stop to refill on the way. Read This Article for more information.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Helicopter

We hope you enjoy our brief guide to helicopter charter. this time we address the question: What will it cost to lease the helicopter? If you have a question that you’d like us to write about, please write a note in the comments below and we’ll try our best to respond with a clear and simple answer.

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