How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Van?

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Are you wondering what it would cost to paint the inside of a van?

You’re in the right spot!

And more!If you’re looking to know what you need to think about spending to have your vehicle painted, continue reading for the tips and tricks in the following article!

how much does it cost to paint a van

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Van?

If you decide to purchase 10 spray paint cans or invest in a premium coating made of urethane or enamel, the paint you choose to use is likely to be priced differently depending on the number of variables that are at play.

We’ll say that your project can cost anywhere between $50 and $1000, depending upon the type of paint job you’d like to do, the kind of paint you choose to use, and the dimensions that the vehicle is.

The bodywork is an example of surprise that can drastically alter the cost of auto painting. However, you should be prepared to pay more for repainting your vehicle with large dings or bumper replacements.

Average Cost To Paint A Van If You Do It Yourself?

We’ll tell you that a reasonable cost to paint your van yourself can range from $100 to $500, it’s all dependent on how detailed you’d like to get.

It is definitely possible to save money by painting your van yourself, however, the only thing you will not be able to save is time.

Car painting is a long-lasting process, so if make more money than the painters work at their day jobs It could be better off hiring to carry out the task.


Average Cost To Paint A Van If You Hire a Professional Company?

The cost of hiring a professional to paint your vehicle will cost you between $500 and the way to thousands.

Make multiple bids and read Google as well as Yelp reviews to identify the top auto painters in your region.

How To Estimate The Cost To Paint A Van?

DIY Painting Cost

As an example, let’s say we would like for us to spray paint the area of 75 sq. feet of an automobile.

After you’ve figured out the area of your home and the area of your car, you can choose the appropriate car paint to complete the task. Some important aspects to consider when purchasing paint include:

In what square feet of space does each unit cover?

A gallon, quart, liter, etc. usually will cover a specific area (anywhere between 150-300 square feet ) per gallon ), and you’ll require at minimum one gallon of basecoat and clearcoat to finish the job.

If you’re doing a professional-style painting job, you’ll need to begin with 2 gallons of primer 2 gallons basecoat, and 2 gallons clear coat.

We recommend painting your car yourself since vans generally don’t decrease in value when you use DIY paint. Let’s say that it’s an awfully bad paint job to devalue the price of the vehicle given that the majority of people buy vans to transport people and their goods.

TIP: Don’t spray your car near another vehicle since you may get spray on the other car you are you paint in the garage.

To calculate the cost it is first necessary to determine the area of the surface you want to paint.

Auto Body Shop Cost

The best method to estimate the cost of professional services for the specific vehicle you have is to solicit estimates from auto painters within the region.

We would suggest anything from $500 to $1000plus for a complete paint job on a vehicle that is clean shape.

Simple tasks such as touch-ups are easily accomplished through the purchase of touch-up paint that is compatible with the paint code that is on the vehicle.

$2.72-$10+ Cost To Paint Per Square Foot?

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DIY cost per square foot

In order to calculate the cost per square foot, you’ll need to take measurements of your vehicle and then add the total size of the body panels.

Then, you’ll need to verify the label of the paint you’re using to see how much square footage it covers.

Let’s say that we paint the inside of a van, which is hundred square feet.

If we were to spend $222 on paint and another 50 for masking tapes, sandpaper, and other items that are needed to prepare the paint the painting project was able to cost $272 in paint and supplies.

$272 total cost / 100 square feet = $ 2.72 per square foot

Professional Paint Job Cost

If you pay $1000 to paint your van by a reasonable bidding contractor.

$1000 / 100 square feet = ~$10 per square foot.

Estimated Cost of Paint For Painting A Van?

The square footage you’ve measured of the van can give you an idea of the approximate cost of the paint. Here’s a ballpark figure we have come up with basing it on Amazon products.

For comparison, many auto painters can be able to completely repaint vehicles:

1+ gallons of primer plus 1+ Gallons of base coat 1+ gallons clear coat

Paints of higher quality are typically sold in quarts. 3 quarts(~3/4 of one gallon) is an ideal amount to color coat.

It’s possible that you’ll need to paint more dependent on the dimension of your van. Perhaps you’ll have leftover paint.

We suggest reading the paint labels and taking measurements accurately for your project to go as smoothly as possible.

If we were to hypothetically purchase 3 quarts of this Rust-Oleum color in black jet 3 4 quarts of this clear coating will mean you’ll purchase 6 cans for $22 for each can.

3 quarts should allow you to obtain several good coats of paint out of every stage.


Paint for 6 Quarts = $132 to repaint.


If you’re required to apply primer, you’ll require three containers of the high-build primer that cost $30 per quart. This adds up to 90 dollars to the cost of the.

Therefore $222 is a reasonable cost to begin a painting job by starting from scratch.

Estimated Cost of Labor For Painting A Van?

Each body shop will have its own hourly rates for painting.

If the shop provides you with an estimate of 20 hours at the rate of $60/hour that means you’ll have to pay $1200 for an impressive paint job.

The price isn’t at all unreasonable.

It is a matter of evaluating the amount you’d earn in 20 hours. If you’re a physician who earns $200+/hour, it is logical to contract the job to an experienced professional.

We believe it could be anywhere from 5 to 40 hours to paint the van by yourself.

5 hours is a low-cost paint rattle job that makes the car appears to be just covered with spray paint. 40 hours is an impressive job done by a professional where you actually did your homework and spent the time.

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