How Much Does It Cost To Get A Septum Piercing?

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Expect to pay between $40 to $90 in the average price for a septum piercing and this usually includes the cost of the jewelry. Also, you should consider an additional fee for the price of the septum piercing. Body piercing professionals offer services, therefore it’s appropriate to give them a tip for the job they’ve done.

Prices for septum piercings aren’t as straightforward as you believe they are. There are a variety of factors that affect the final price which includes the process of piercing in itself, as well as the jewelry you pick.

how much does it cost to get a septum piercing

In the end, this septum piercing price guide will provide you with an idea of the cost ranges you can expect from the most trusted studios for piercing.

Keep in mind that cost should not be the sole determinant in what to do with a tattoo or the location to get it done. Other aspects like the experience of the piercer as well as the cleanliness of the shop are much more crucial.

Septum Piercing Prices: Factors Involved

If you browse through numerous piercing studios you’re likely to receive several different responses about how much it’s likely to cost you to have your septum punctured.

Here are some reasons that the price of food varies in such a wide range:

Piercer Experience

It’s a given that body piercers with different bodies are different in their experience. A piercer might be piercing for 10 years, while another might only have begun piercing just six months ago.

Anyone who’s been in business for long will likely have higher rates which are logical because they’re probably skilled at what they do when compared to the newbies.

Man with a Septum Piercing

It is also important to consider the frequency of septum piercings specifically. Septums can be a challenge to properly pierce, as the professional piercing has to traverse under the cartilage of the nose and ensure they don’t harm the nostril.

Prices may differ between different piercers in the same studio due to the quality of the experience. But, don’t be afraid to benefit from a minor price variation.

Septum piercings are generally somewhat less painful than regular nose piercings. A skilled piercer will complete the procedure faster and with less discomfort.

Studio Exposure

The studio that is well-known tends to cost more. While you might consider an affordable studio You can be sure that a well-known studio adheres to sanitation and safety guidelines and employs professional piercers who are reputable and have a good reputation to protect.

In reality, is it true that the difference between $5 and $10 matters when talking about an item of jewelry that you’ll keep for a long time?

Studio Location

Studios in more populous areas such as a larger city are likely to see greater clients as opposed to studios in smaller towns. There’s not as much demand in smaller regions. This means that you’ll have to pay more for an apartment in the city.

You could also enjoy an experience that is better since the studios that are crowded must compete to stand out among the other piercing centers close by. It is possible that, in some instances, you’re paying for the ambiance rather than the experience of the professional.


If you inquire about the cost at different piercing studios be sure to inquire if the cost includes jewelry or is it not. Some studios offer a flat cost for piercings as well as basic jewelry. Some places charge for the jewelry on its own.


Extra Purchases

Piercing studios usually offer products to buy at the shop, which include products for aftercare. It is possible to purchase the items they suggest so that you are able to follow your post-care cleansing routine correctly.

The most effective aftercare product I’ve personally tried has been that of the After-Inked Piercing Spray. It’s not only vegan, it’s totally alcohol-free and non-additive-free. It is suitable for any type of skin including sensitive skin. Furthermore, it’s available in a large mist-spraying bottle to make it easy to apply. If you use it at the beginning of healing it can help reduce healing time and also to relieve any soreness or pain.

Does anyone have one?

It’s pretty much the same but keep in your mind that every nose is distinct. There are some exceptions to the septum columella, which is a thin, fleshy strip that is located just in front of cartilage.

In the ideal scenario, this piece of skin is considered to be an ideal “sweet spot” that piercers employ to make septum piercings. If it’s thin or lacking the surgeon may pass through cartilage, but it causes more pain and is more difficult to heal.

If you’re an avid fan of harmony, but suffer from an septum that is not straight the piercing will not be perfectly centered. It’s not a major issue however it could be an issue for certain.

septum piercing guide

What is it?

After you’ve selected the body art (aka your Piercer) You’ll be asked to provide your identification and sign a few forms which include the waiver.

If you’re ready, lay back in a recliner, or perhaps on tables while they wash the nostrils of your nose.

The technique employed for the procedure can differ depending on the piercer.

They could use:

  • Only needles (referred as freehand)
  • forceps to ensure your nostrils stay open, and a needle
  • A receiving tube is hollow tube that is able to support it on both sides, and takes in the needle as it passes through

The piece of jewelry is then put into the opening, while the needle is taken out.

The method can be different but the sanitation and safety protocols should be the same and include:

  • the piercer wearing gloves made of disposable material
  • the nostrils’ insides being completely disinfected
  • The piercer is used to remove needles and other equipment from sterilized containers or packaging

The entire process is easy (hallelujah!) and takes only about a minute or so from beginning to finish.

What can I be expecting to pay?

The cost of a septum puncture typically ranges from $40 to $90.

There are several aspects that determine the amount you will pay for a piercing. For example:

  • The sensation that the piercer gives you
  • the studio and the location it is located.
  • The type of jewelry used the type of jewelry you’ll need to confirm that is included in the cost

If price is an issue (when would you say it’s not? ) You’ll want to look into additional options such as aftercare products, and even a tip.

What is the best metal?

The majority of piercers utilize first-time piercings made from surgical stainless steel (SSS) because they’re cheap and safe.

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) recommends initial piercings using any of the metals listed below:

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