How Much Does It Cost To Copy A Key?

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Have you ever gotten locked out of your car or home and had to get a locksmith? If so, you know that they charge an arm and a leg for their services. But did you also know that there are ways to get around paying them? Many people do not realize it but there is quite often an alternative way to get back into your car or home without paying the high price of a locksmith.

In order to copy a key, you will need two things: a key to be copied and a blue painter’s tape. The steps are simple:

How Much Does It Cost To Copy A Key
How Much Does It Cost To Copy A Key?
  • First, you will need to go to your hardware store and get the tape. It should only cost a few dollars.
  • Next, once you have the tape, use it in place of your missing key on your lock(s). Use enough tape around the keyhole so that one can not see inside; this is called “taping the key in.”
  • Finally, once the key has been taped in, take an Exacto knife and cut along the edge of the tape to extract your copied key. It should be so tight that it only slides out when you break the blue painter’s tape. Now all you need to do is remove the old lock or install your new one! No locksmith is necessary!

The best part about this method is that it works on just about every type of lock. Whether you have a car, home, or office lock, this trick will work for you!

So the next time you find yourself locked out and don’t want to break the bank, try copying your key instead. It’s an easy and affordable way to get back into your property without having to call a locksmith. And who knows? You might just save yourself a few dollars in the process!

The Usual Cost Of Copying A Key

When you need a copy of a key, the first thing you need to do is find a locksmith. Not all locksmiths offer this service, so you may need to call around. The cost of key duplication varies depending on the type of key and the locksmith. However, on average, it costs between $5 and $10 to have a key copied. There may be additional fees if the locksmith has to come to your home or business to make the copy.

The Usual Cost Of Copying A Key

It’s important to note that some keys, such as car keys, cannot be copied by a locksmith. In these cases, you may need to go to the dealership where the key was originally purchased to have a new key made.

Inexpensive Way To Make Additional Copies Of The Key

If you need one or two copies, it may be best to have one made at a locksmith’s office. However, if you need several copies of the same key, making them yourself is going to be much cheaper.

You can use a key cutting machine to make copies of your key in a matter of minutes. All you need is the original key and an inexpensive blank key that fits the type of lock the key operates.

The cost to make additional copies using this method usually ranges between $2 and $5, making it much cheaper than having a locksmith do it. However, if you need more than three keys made at one time, it’s probably best to call a locksmith because most key cutting machines cannot cut more than three keys at once.

Things You Should Know Before You Decide To Copy A Key

There are a few things you should know before deciding to copy a key. The first thing you need to consider is the cost of copying the key. Copying a key generally costs around $2-5, but this can vary depending on the type of key and where you get it copied.

Another thing you need to take into account is the security of the lock. If you have a high-security lock, copying the key may not be possible or it may be very expensive. In some cases, you may even need to get a new key made specifically for your lock.

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Finally, you need to think about whether or not you really need a copy of the key. If you only need it for occasional use, it may not be worth the cost to copy it. However, if you need a copy of the key for daily use, the cost may be worth it.

So, should you copy a key? It depends on your needs and budget. If you need a key copied and don’t mind spending a few dollars, go ahead and do it. If you’re not sure whether or not copying the key is the right decision, talk to a locksmith for advice. They can help you decide what’s best for your specific situation.

How can I get a duplicate car key without the original?

This is a question many car owners need to ask themselves at some point.

In general, there are two ways to get a copy of a key: either you have the original made by taking it to a hardware store or locksmith and paying for a replacement, or go to an automotive locksmith and have them cut a replacement.

How To Make A Duplicate Key Without The Original

Mechanics that sell replacement keys usually charge around $20-$30 whereas going to a specialist can cost as much as $150… This is because they make copies of each individual key with equipment specifically designed for duplicating car keys. As such, this equipment is expensive and has been known to break quite regularly causing downtime in their production schedule which gets costly quickly.

How long does it take for a locksmith to make a car key?

It usually takes about 30 minutes for a locksmith to make a car key. The cost to copy a car key usually ranges from $5 to $15, depending on the type of key and the locksmith’s location.

Some locksmiths also offer a key programming service, which can add an extra $5 to $10 to the cost of having a new key made. Key programming allows a locksmith to program a new key to work with your car’s security system.

If you have lost your car keys, you will likely need to have your car towed to the locksmith so that they can make a new key for you. The cost of towing your car will vary depending on the distance between your car and the locksmith’s shop.

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