How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Gender?

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I made the decision to announce to my friends and family as transgender when I was 15 years old. At the time, I was unsure of the effect the decision could have on my life however I was aware that I was in a different body for the longest time I was able to remember. 

I wasn’t able to find the words to express the feelings I was experiencing until came across an online video of a person who was changing. I discovered it was medical terms that referred to the emotions, and that I could also transition into the gender I was identified with. I was born as a boy and now I can change into an adult girl.

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Everyone I spoke to was very understanding and helpful. My parents made the effort to learn about the subject and did their best to facilitate my transition as smoothly as it could be. 

I was very grateful to have this level of support since one of the most devastating challenges that transgender teens have to face is the stigma that families place on transgender teens. A lot of them end up being living in poverty or trying to commit suicide.

Another common issue is the price of the transition. It’s an extremely expensive process and, sadly, unlike other Western countries, healthcare does not necessarily cover all (or all) of the expenses. 

(Some insurance companies and employers have this option they do, and there is a Human Rights Campaign website that provides a great guide to help you through the procedure.) This makes the idea of transitioning seem out of reach for the majority of individuals struggling to identify their gender. 

What does the whole process cost? It is dependent on the type of transition you want to undergo However, here are some of the most sought-after methods and treatments, and how much they’ve cost me so far. It’s important to remember that no one needs to undergo any of these in order to be able to say they are transgender. This is just the way I am going through my journey.

Hormone Therapy: $1,500/Year

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Making the decision to switch to the opposite gender isn’t an option to be made lightly. I endured two years of counseling despite believing that I had made the right decision. It was among the most satisfying phases of my transformation. 

It was a relief to have medical professionals confirm my decision and help me to understand what I felt on a more profound level. The reality is that professional therapy costs thousands of dollars per year, and the majority of trans teens simply cannot afford it. 

After my therapist and I determined that transitioning was the best option my way, I started hormonal replacement therapy. It’s commonly known as HRT. It’s among the most powerful tools that a transitioning person can have available to them. 

I was initially prescribed anti-androgens in order to stop the production of testosterone in my body. This stopped my puberty in its tracks and stopped the growth of facial hair, muscle overgrowth, and a more pronounced voice. 

A few months later, I was injected with estrogen. It was extremely thrilling for me. Then my body started to change: my skin began to soften as my fat began to distribute to my breasts and hips as well as my voice started changing. It’s hard to imagine how satisfying this transformation could be for a transgender teenager. 


Unfortunately, this crucial change comes with costs. I was required to see my MD every month to check my hormone levels and renew my prescription for my medicine. The cost is also a staggering $1,500 per year (at). 

After some individuals have completed their gender reassignment procedure, they are no longer taking this medication, however, I’m using it. I began taking it at age sixteen and am now 25 and that’s around $13,500 to date and I’m planning to remain in HRT for the duration of my life.

Gender Reassignment Surgery: $30,000-Plus

Two years after starting my hormone replacement therapy and therapy I was ready to undergo having my gender change surgery when I was 18. To be eligible for this surgery, the majority of doctors will require evidence of at minimum two years of treatment because this isn’t an irreversible process. Also, they must be sure that you are fully aware of the decision you’re making, and its implications. For me, it was among the most enjoyable moments of my life. 

There isn’t any way to convey the joy and anticipation I felt prior to and towards surgery. I’ll say, however, I can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to conduct research prior to choosing the right GRS surgeon. There are only a few doctors worldwide who are experts in this area, and selecting the wrong one could cause catastrophic outcomes. 

This process is extremely expensive, and the cost average is in excess of $30,000. Alongside the actual procedure, you will also need to cover the cost of travel as well as hotel accommodations when a top doctor isn’t within your area. In my opinion, it’s an acceptable price to enjoy a lifetime of success. I am extremely blessed having had the chance to be so young and also the chance of living my life in a manner that is true to me partly due to this surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery: $25,000-$60,000

After a year of having gender reassignment surgery, I was back under the blade for facial feminization surgery which is a series of procedures to reconstruct the facial features of men to make them more similar in appearance and size normal female facial appearances. Based on my personal experiences, this is the most life-altering procedure I have ever had.

 As a young transgender girl, there was nothing more important for me than the ability to “blend” into society seamlessly. This isn’t just to be able to look and feel attractive (what girl would want to be like a male? ) However, it’s also important to protect yourself from harm. Transsexuals are often subject to bullying, discrimination, and physical assault.

It is so crucial to the people who belong to the transgender community to ensure that our outer appearance and internal self are in total harmony. Based on my personal experience, while not frequently, I have sometimes experienced a degree of harassment prior to having FFS. It’s a lot easier to be targeted and targeted if the person who is causing the problem will identify you as trans. 

However, there’s the cost to pay to undergo the surgery. Board-certified surgeons who are trained to perform the procedures can charge anything between $25,000-$60,000, depending on the quantity of work they perform. My procedure cost around $30,000. since I chose the procedures I believed would be the most beneficial for me at that time, and they were the jawline and forehead contouring.

Breast Augmentation: $5,000-$10,000

The decision to have the option of a breast enhancement for transgender women is an individual choice. I have friends who’ve decided to not opt for augmentation, and instead, let hormones do the heavy lifting in the area of the development of their breasts. I chose to undergo surgery as I wanted more volume in my bosom and my hormones weren’t helping to a great extent on this front. 

The cost of this procedure is between $5,000 or $10,000 depending upon the doctor you select and where they are situated, and the type of implant you’d like to have. The breast augmentation procedure was the most painful of the procedures. In reality, following my other surgeries, I generally just felt slight discomfort. After I woke up from this procedure it was as if an elephant had sat on my chest.

In looking back at the 2 years in my own life from approximately 16 to 19 during which the bulk of my changes occurred, I frequently inform my friends that I did not have the feeling of being more “female” prior to having the procedures. It’s extremely important. 

The transition process simply put all the pieces of the puzzle. I’ve never had a moment when I thought that in order to be or feel female, I had to undergo numerous operations. My heart, brain, and soul were 100% female prior to my transition. Infrequently, after surgery, my family members would inquire whether I felt differently. My response would always be the same that I didn’t. My answer has always been the exact same Elle.

I decided to undergo these procedures to improve my life and in no way in order to “become” female because I already was. In the present, I only consider the process of changing when I’m making the YouTube video about the process. The journey that led me to who I am now wouldn’t be possible if that 15 years ago, I hadn’t come across another person who was going through the same process. I hope that I can assist fellow sufferers in the exact same manner.

For more details on transgender people and the difficulties and issues they often encounter, visit the LGBT group known as the Human Rights Campaign.

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