How Did The Wearing Of Gloves Begin

The wearing of gloves is a very old custom. They were invented for protection by ancient peoples who live in cold regions. We know that the ancient Persians and Romans wore gloves. In the Odyssey, there is a reference to Laertes wearing gloves while walking in his garden.

Wearing Of Gloves Begin

In early times, gloves were of leather only and were worn chie8y in war and in the chase to protect the hands. But by the eighth and ninth centuries, practically everybody in Germany and the Scandinavian countries wore gloves during winter months for protection against cold.

It wasn’t until the thirteenth century that women began to wear gloves for ornament. They were usually made of linen and reached to the elbow. Queen Elizabeth, years later, created the fashion for wearing jeweled and embroidered gloves. Kid gloves first appeared in France during the reign of Louis XIV, and the women of the time wore gloves of netted silk.

What Do Black Gloves Mean?

Black ones were worn at funerals, and those attending would be expected to wear them.

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