Cultural Differences Between USA and Russia

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The cultural differences between the United States and Russia are numerous, but one that is often overlooked is their differing views on religion. In America, we have a separation of church and state. This means that government officials will not be allowed to practice any type of religion while holding office. The Russian Constitution does not contain this separation clause. When you’re reading this blog post, think about what it would be like if our president started using his presidency to promote Christianity? What if he used his position in American leadership to make laws based on religious beliefs? This is something that the Russian people have to deal with regularly. Putin, the current Russian president, has been known to make decisions based.

There are a lot of cultural differences between the United States and Russia. For example, in Russia, when someone dies their family members will often stand over them and tell them how sorry they are that they had to die. In America, we don’t do this because it is not seen as appropriate for the living person to be talking about death with someone who has just passed away.

In Russia, it is common to have a toast before every meal. Americans also like to drink alcohol but we typically only have one glass at a time while Russians might drink two or three glasses in rapid succession during the same period. This difference in drinking habits can lead to some interesting conversations! The article goes on from here.

Comparison Cultural Differences Between Us and Russia

Parameters of ComparisonUSA cultureRussian culture
FormalLess formalMore formal
GreetAmericans just shake handsRussians greet each other with a handshake and an air kiss on one cheek
ShortsWear shortsNever wear shorts
CurrencyMore worthyLess worthy
Alcohol21 in America.  Alcohol is legal for purchase at age 18 in Russia

What is USA culture?

The USA is a very big country- it’s not just New York City or Hollywood. It has many different cultures and traditions, so there are many things to learn about the USA culture. This blog post will list some of the unique aspects of American culture that make it one of the most interesting places in the world. 

The United States is a huge country -it’s not just New York City or Hollywood. It has many different cultures and traditions, so there are many things to learn about America Culture. This blog post will list some of the unique aspects of American culture that make it one of the most interesting places in this world.

Every American has their take on what defines USA culture. For some it may be the people, for others, it might be food, and yet to another individual, it might be architecture. One thing that does come up in every definition is the word “freedom” which is one of America’s most valued assets.

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What is Russian culture?

Russia is a country in Eurasia. Russian culture encompasses the historical and social traditions of the Russian people, which include their language, architecture, art, literature, music, and cinema. The land that makes up modern-day Russia was inhabited by various East Slavic tribes who were nomadic pastoralists until they reached the forests in what is now Moscow State. They began farming there around 2200 BC when metal tools became available to them. It wasn’t until 859 AD that Kievan Rus’ (a medieval Eastern Slavic state) was established after Scandinavian Varangians (Vikings) invaded it with their leader Oleg-Rurik becoming ruler of Novgorod and Kyiv; this date marks the origin of Kievan Rus’.

Russia is a vast and diverse country with many different regions, cultures, and languages. As such, it can be difficult to define Russian culture. Russia has been shaped by centuries of foreign invasions and occupations as well as its internal contradictions. The result is a complex mix of influences from the East and West which has both modernized the country while also holding on to some traditions that may seem out-of-place in today’s world.

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10 Cultural Differences Between Us and Russia

1. Russians are more formal than Americans.

2. Russians greet each other with a handshake and an air kiss on one cheek while Americans just shake hands.

3. Russian men never wear shorts, even in the summer.

4. The American dollar is worth much less than the Russian ruble – USD 1 = 66 RUB.

5. In Russia, you can’t be friends with someone of the opposite sex unless you’re married or related to them by blood or marriage.

6. Alcohol is legal for purchase at age 18 in Russia but not until age 21 in America.

7. In Russia, the president is not a king.

8. Russians do not use their hands to eat.

9. Russians are more likely to be atheists than American citizens.

10. Russian women wear skirts in public instead of pants or jeans.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of USA culture

1. There are over 4 million people who were born in the USA but do not have citizenship.

2. The average person eats about 8 spiders per year.

3. There are 1,500 murders committed each year by people with mental illness.

4. Americans spend more than $100 billion annually on their pets.

5. More than one-third of all adults suffer from obesity or overweight problems.

6. Almost half of all children live without both parents in the home.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Russian culture

1. Russia has a population of 144 million people.

2. Russia is the largest country in the world by size, with 17% of Earth’s land area.

3. The Russian language is spoken as a first language by 117 million people.

4. over 160 ethnic groups are living within its borders, and over 100 languages are spoken there.

5. The national anthem for Russia was written by Aleksandr Vasilevich Alexandrov in 1833 and then put to music from an old folk tune called “Kamarinskaya”.

6. In 1991, President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree declaring that the Soviet Union had ceased to exist as a state and proclaimed it dissolved into 15 independent states – this became known as “The Day of National Unity” or simply “Dissolution Day”.


The culture of the United States is vastly different than that of Russia. Many factors contribute to these cultural differences, including their history, religion, education levels, language (among other things). When you understand how people think in a particular country or region it can be easier to tell what they will want to buy. This becomes even more important if your company sells items online internationally because there could be significant variations in how customers perceive your brand based on where they live. For example, some countries have high sales for certain luxury brands while others don’t care about expensive brands at all due to differing values among consumers within those regions.


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