Can Boys Join Girl Scouts?

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Yes, boys are eligible to join the Girl Scouts. As per the Girl Scouts of America website, any child from Kindergarten through twelfth grade (ages 5-17) is allowed to join, which includes girls, boys and nonbinary youth.

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Gender norms are no longer as rigid as they were decades ago, and the conversation around gender roles is opening up. This shift in thinking has caused many to question the traditional structure and mission of organizations like GSUSA.

Some argue that it is time to expand the organization and include boys, while others believe that Girl Scouts is a space for girls and should remain that way. This blog post will explore this debate in more detail, assessing both sides of the argument, and ultimately arrive at a conclusion regarding whether boys should be allowed to join Girl Scouts.

All You Need To Know About – Why Can Boys Join Girl Scouts?

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1. Expansion of Girl Scout membership

Girl Scouts of the USA has recently announced an expansion of their membership to include boys. This means that boys, aged 5 to 18, can now join the Girl Scouts and take part in all the same activities, such as camping, selling cookies, and taking part in community service projects.

This expansion is a great opportunity for boys to take part in activities that foster leadership, confidence, and teamwork. The Girl Scouts also offer a range of programs to help boys develop these skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

2. Benefits of joining Girl Scouts for Boys

Boys can join Girl Scouts, and there are numerous benefits to doing so. One of the main benefits is that boys can benefit from the same positive experiences and opportunities as girls in the Girl Scouts program. Boys can participate in activities such as camping, outdoor adventures, service projects, and leadership development.

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Boys will also have the opportunity to develop communication and problem-solving skills and make valuable connections with peers and adults. Additionally, boys can learn important values such as respect, responsibility, and leadership. All of these benefits can help boys to grow and develop into successful, responsible adults.

3. How Boys can join Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts have been around for more than a century and have been a part of the American experience for generations. Girls have been able to join the Girl Scouts of the USA since 1912. But what about boys? Can they join the Girl Scouts?

The answer is yes—boys can join the Girl Scouts! Girls Scouts of the USA recently announced that it is launching a new program called “Scouts BSA” (formerly known as Boy Scouts of America) that will allow boys to join the organization.

The new program will be open to boys aged 11-17 and will offer the same activities and experiences as the Girl Scouts. There will be separate troops for girls and boys, but they will both enjoy the same camping, hiking, and other activities.

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Boys will also be eligible for the same awards and recognitions as girls. With Scouts BSA, boys can enjoy the benefits of the long-standing Girl Scouts tradition and make new friends.

4. Safety and Security for all members

When considering the question of whether or not boys can join Girl Scouts, an important consideration is the safety and security of all members. Girl Scouts adheres to a strict code of conduct for all members and volunteers, ensuring that all participants are safe and respected.

Girl Scouts also takes great care to ensure that all of its activities and events are secure, with appropriate supervision and safety procedures in place. Girl Scouts is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all members, male or female so that they can enjoy their experiences without fear.

5. Openness and Acceptance for all genders

Girl Scouts of the USA strives to create an inclusive environment that respects and celebrates the diversity of all people. We promote openness and acceptance of all genders, and we strongly believe that boys should be able to participate in Girl Scout activities.

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We strive to create a safe, supportive atmosphere for all members so that everyone can feel free to be themselves. We want all members to feel welcome, valued, and respected, no matter their gender identity. We invite all individuals to join us in our mission to create a kinder, brighter world.


The Girl Scouts have taken an important step in creating a more inclusive organization by making it possible for boys to join. By embracing all genders, the organization is creating a more diverse and accepting environment which will ultimately result in a stronger and more unified Girl Scouts organization.

Additionally, this move will help the Girl Scouts create an even bigger impact in their communities by allowing more members to take part in their activities and make a difference.


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