Who Gave The First Wedding Presents

The origin of many customs is hard to trace, but this one has a definite beginning and it reads like a fairy tale! Many years ago, a beautiful girl in Holland wanted to marry a miller. He did not have much money, but he was loved by everyone because he used to give his flour and bread to the poor.

Who Gave The First Wedding Presents

The father of the girl objected to the marriage and said that he would not give his daughter her dowry if she married the miller. The people whom the miller had befriended heard about this and decided to do something.  None of them had much but they thought that if each one contributed some gift, the beautiful girl and the poor miller could marry after all.

So they got together and went to the girl’s house with their gifts. Some brought utensils for the kitchen, and others brought useful articles for the house such as linen and lamps. They showered her with gifts,  and she was able to marry the man she loved after all! These were the first wedding presents and the custom has remained ever since.

What Is The Traditional Gift For 1st Anniversary?

The traditional 1st-anniversary gift is considered to be paper.

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