Who Are Those 99 Greatest People of All Time Who Changed The World For Better

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This world we live in is full of the greatest people. Most of them died long ago and some are still living. Those who died and living people – both changed this world and made this even better for today. The technology we are using, the improvement of our health, the rules of living our lives, the brilliance and intelligence of every one of us today are the results of their continuous thinking, researches, discoveries, and inventions. These greatest people always saw this differently and made an exemplary step which this world has been following since their respective revolutions.

There are lots of greatest person in this world who contributed their life for this world to make it even better. They worked until they died for any sectors you can imagine like humanity, thinking and philosophy, politics and socialism, religions, entertainments, writing, architecture, painting, sculpturing, science, photography and exploring unknown kinds of stuff.

 99 Greatest People

Let’s check the list of greatest person of all time in the history here as below:

1. Prophet Muhammad (PUBH)

2. Napoleon

3. Jesus Christ

4. William Shakespeare

5. Abraham Lincoln

6. George Washington

7. Adolf Hitler

8. Aristotle

9. Alexander the Great

10. Thomas Jefferson

11. Henry VIII of England

12. Charles Darwin

13. Elizabeth I of England

14. Karl Marx

15. Julius Caesar

16. Queen Victoria

17. Martin Luther

18. Joseph Stalin

19. Albert Einstein

20. Christopher Columbus

21. Isaac Newton

22. Charlemagne

23. Theodore Roosevelt

24. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

25. Plato

26. Louis XIV of France

27. Ludwig van Beethoven

28. Ulysses S. Grant

29. Leonardo da Vinci

30. Augustus

31. Carl Linnaeus

32. Ronald Reagan

33. Charles Dickens

34. Paul the Apostle

35. Benjamin Franklin

36. George W. Bush

37. Winston Churchill

38. Genghis Khan

39. Charles I of England

40. Thomas Edison

41. James I of England

42. Friedrich Nietzsche

43. Franklin D. Roosevelt

44. Sigmund Freud

45. Alexander Hamilton

46. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

47. Woodrow Wilson

48. Johann Sebastian Bach

49. Galileo Galilei

50. Oliver Cromwell

51. James Madison

52. Gautama Buddha

53. Mark Twain

54. Edgar Allan Poe

55. Joseph Smith, Jr.

56. Adam Smith

57. David, King of Israel

58. George III of the United Kingdom

59. Immanuel Kant

60. James Cook

61. John Adams

62. Richard Wagner

63. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

64. Voltaire

65. Saint Peter

66. Andrew Jackson

67. Constantine the Great

68. Socrates

69. Elvis Presley

70 William the Conqueror

71. John F. Kennedy

72. Augustine of Hippo

73. Vincent van Gogh

74. Nicolaus Copernicus

75. Vladimir Lenin

76. Robert E. Lee

77. Oscar Wilde

78. Charles II of England

79. Cicero

80. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

81. Francis Bacon

82. Richard Nixon

83. Louis XVI of France

84. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

85. King Arthur

86. Michelangelo

87. Philip II of Spain

88. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

89. Ali, founder of Sufism

90. Thomas Aquinas

91. Pope John Paul II

92. René Descartes

93. Nikola Tesla

94. Harry S. Truman

95. Joan of Arc

96. Dante Alighieri

97. Otto von Bismarck

98. Grover Cleveland

99. John Calvin

100. John Locke


Who is the most impactful person in history?

Answer- Muhammad (c. 570–632).

Who is considered the greatest American of all time?

1. Ronald Reagan.

2. Abraham Lincoln, States.

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

4. George Washington.

Who is the most famous person in 2021?

1. Dwayne Johnson.

2. Joe Biden.

3. Donald Trump.

4. Jeff Bezos.

5. Bill Gates. 6. Kylie Jenner.

Who is the best man in the world 2020?

Short Answer- Barack Obama is ‘World’s most admired man 2020’; PM Modi, Cristiano Ronaldo in top 10.

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