Where Do Sharks Live

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There are more than 150 different kinds of sharks. All of these live in saltwater, except for one species. In Central America, there is a lake called Lake Nicaragua, and there is a freshwater shark that lives there. Actually, sharks do not live in anyone’s “spot”, because they wander hundreds of miles looking for prey. Most big sharks are generally found living near the surface in the open sea. But there are some that live deep down at the ocean bottom. Smaller sharks usually live near the shore, and they are found in most warm and temperate seas around the world.

Where Do Sharks Live

Most people think of sharks as very dangerous creatures. The truth is that some sharks are quite dangerous to man, and others are harmless. For example, the sharks that often follow ships are harmless scavengers, hoping to pick up food from the ships. Even small fish are not afraid of these sharks.

This is also true of some very big sharks, that is unless they are attacked. One of these is the whale shark. This shark is found near the Cape of Good Hope and in the Mediterranean, Pacific, and Caribbean right up to Florida. It may be over 11 meters long and weigh more than 13 tonnes.

The other safe” big shark is the basking shark. It is the biggest fish of the North Atlantic and is over 13 meters long. It likes to bask in the sun with its back part out of the water. But the most dreaded of all fish is the great white shark, which is sometimes  12 meters long. It definitely attacks human beings.

Where Do Sharks Live In The World?

Sharks can be found in all five of the Earth’s oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern.

What kind of habitat do sharks live in?

sharks live in all kinds of habitats throughout the world, they tend to prefer living in areas where there is plenty of water. Sharks prefer warm water because they need it to stay healthy and grow.

What attracts more sharks?

Answer- Yellow, white, and silver seem to attract sharks

What colors do sharks hate?

A lot of people wonder what colors do sharks hate the most. With this in mind, we found this question to be quite interesting. So, to answer this, we put it to a poll on our website. We asked our readers if they knew which colors sharks dislike the most. Although the number of votes didn’t match our expectations, we found out that many people on the internet believe that the colors black, red, and yellow are the most terrible for sharks.

What’s the friendliest shark?

1 Leopard Shark.
2 Zebra Shark.
3 Hammerhead Shark.
4 Angel Shark.
5 Whale Shark

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