When Was The Tower Of London Built

If there is one sight in London that every visitor wants to it is the Tower. The history and grandeur of England seem to be present where- ever you turn. On the spot where the Tower now stands there was probably first a British fort, then a Roman one, and perhaps a Saxon one. William the Conqueror may have started building the White Tower, which is the oldest part of the present fortress. Most of the other buildings were put up during the reign of Henry. Ill (l21G-72).

When Was The Tower Of London Built

William the Conquerer built the Tower in order to make the citizens of London afraid of him, but it has been used more as a prison than a fortress. The Tower of London is still maintained as an arsenal. During the two Y/or1d Wars. it was again used as a prison. It Occupies a site on the old city of London and covers an area of about 5 hectares. The outer wall is surrounded by a deep moat, which was drained in 1843.

While there is a garrison of soldiers assigned to the Tower, the most interesting people tourists see there are the “Beefeaters”. They are the “Yeomen Warders”, a body of about 40 men specially chosen for this job of defending the Tower. They wear a special uniform which is said to date back to the time of Henry VIII or Edward VI. The reason they are known as “Beefeaters” is that in ancient times they were served beef every day as rations.

Why Was The Tower Of London Built?

It was built as a royal palace and a defense system.

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