When Was Brick First Use

If you had to name the most long-lasting material made by man, would you say it was brick? Well, it happens to so, and brick will outlast granite, limestone, or even iron! Brick, of course, is a modem building material. It is being used today everywhere in the world. But actually, brick is as old as the history of civilization! The Babylonians and Egyptians made and used bricks at least 3, years before the birth of Christ. Some excavations suggest that it was used even earlier.

When Was Brick First Use

The malfing of brick in early times was very crude. Brick is made of clay or shale and baked or burned at a high tempemture. In early times, mw clay was used to make brick, but no machinery to make it had been invented. The clay was crushed and mixed with water by work- men who trampled it with their bare feet. Straw was mixed with the wet clay to hold the bricks together. The mixture was then formed by hand into different sizes and shapes and placed in the sun to dry.

This crude method was followed for many years until it was dis- covered that burning the clay with fire made the bricks much harder and better able to withstand dampness. Straw was then no longer needed.

These sun-baked bricks would have been useless in England, but in the hot, Middle-Eastern countries they proved to be so durable that some of the bricks used in ancient Babylonia can still be seen today.

Who Invented Brick And Mortar?

The Egyptians were the first to invent brick and mortar.

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