What Is Fallout

The dust and other materials that are in the air as the result of a nuclear explosion—that is, from atom bombs—is fallout. It contaminates, or poisons, the air, soil, and water. Fallout contaminates the world around us because it is radioactive. This means that it contains certain kinds of atoms that are breaking down. As they break down, they give off tiny amounts of energy and matter,  which are called “radiations”.

What Is Fallout

A nuclear explosion produces a huge blast, a lot of heat, and many radioactive atoms. These radioactive atoms become mixed with particles of soil and dust from the earth. Tons of radioactive dust are blown or sucked into the atmosphere by a nucleaf explosion. This returns to earth as radioactive fallout.

The heaviest particles of this debris drop to earth within minutes or  a few hours of a nuclear explosion. The lighter particles are carried up and come down more slowly. They may circle the earth for months or even years. Eventually, they fall to the earth, mostly in snow, rain, and mist.

The fallout that falls on the outside of the human body can be washed away. But if fallout radiation gets inside the body, it may stay there for years. Fallout enters the body with the air, water, and food taken in. Mainly it comes from food. Fallout dusts the leaves of plants and their fruits. It falls on the soil and is taken into plants through their roots. Animals eat plants, then human beings and other animals eat these animals.

Inside the body, radioactive atoms from the fallout send off radiations. When too much radiation passes through living cells, it may damage the cells or weaken the body’s defenses against disease.

What Is Fallout Mean?

1: the usually radioactive particles falling through the atmosphere as a result of a nuclear explosion.
2: the bad result of something He suffered the fallout from his poor decision. fallout. noun. fall·​out

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