What Is Civilization

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Man has followed a path towards what we consider to be “civilization”. At first, of course, in the earliest stages, man lived somewhat like the animals.  He had no language,  ate food where he found it and had no home. Then, at the first stage of savagery, he learned to make fire and to eat fish.

What Is Civilization

He later learned to make crude tools and to hunt and protect himself, and the families joined into tribes. Then even later, he learned how to make pottery to cook and carry food. But he was still in the age of savagery.

The next step was what is called barbarism. Man learned how to plant seeds to raise his food, and he began to tame animals for his use. Then, later he learned how to use metals such as copper and iron, so he could make weapons and hunt better. And he also began to build houses.

The man was in the final or last stages of barbarism when he invented the most important thing to bring him to civilization.  This was writing. At that time, his first kind of writing was writing in pictures, but this developed into writing with an alphabet. The reason that the invention of writing really marked the beginning of civilization is that it enabled man to keep records of past happenings—and so pian could read of and profit by the experience of others.

During all this time, the man was also learning how to live by Certain rules in other words, by government. And with that came ideas of right and wrong, so that man lived by certain morals. When did all this take place? It started with the very first days of man’s life on earth and led up to the first stages of civilization about 5,000 or 6,000 years ago.

What Are The 7 Characteristics Of A Civilization?

1. Stable food supply.

2. Social structure.

3. System of government.

4. Religious system.

5. Highly developed culture.

6. Advances in technology.

7. Highly developed written language.

What are the 4 major civilizations?

Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus valley, and China

Which is oldest civilization in world?

Mentioning the oldest civilization in the world, we usually hear about Ancient Egypt. While Ancient Egypt is an old civilization, it is not the oldest civilization on Earth. The oldest civilization on the Earth is the Ancient Sumer (also known as Mesopotamia). It is a civilization that existed more than 4,000 years ago on the banks of the Euphrates River.

Which is the first civilization in the world?

The first civilization in the world is the first human society to widely practice agriculture. The widely accepted answer to this question is that the first civilization in the world is the Egyptian civilization, which started from ca. 3200 before the present (BP) to ca. 31 BC. The Egyptian civilization is the oldest known civilization in the world, with the earliest archaeological evidence of agriculture and organized settlements.

What are the 3 earliest civilizations?

Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India

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