What Doesn’t Exist Today But Will Be Available In 100 Years?

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Well, while surfing Reddit today, I found some cool questions that have been asked and got some awesome replies of those. Some were joking and some were serious about the topic and replied with their thoughts and imaginations.

One thread that took all my attention is that – someone posted about the kinds of stuff & technologies that are not available now and don’t exist in this world in 2016, but probably will in the next 100 years!

We all know, what Leonardo Da Vinci predicted in 1452 about Engineering and Technology are exist today. He drew the possible architecture of the Parachute, Robot, Tank, and cars and a lot more tools that the scientist made available in this era.

So, in 2016 we, the general people can think and make a list of what are technologies might be available right after 100 years from now on. Or maybe even earlier?

inventions after 100 years

Here is the list of the cool engineering and technologies that might be available for us after 50 to 100 or even more years!

1. Sex Robots.

Well, seriously? A scientist might create robots with that level of intelligence who has a sense of sex and required organs to participate in sexual intercourse with humans without any problem.

2. Climate Controlled The Globe.

Scientists and environment specialists will be able to make something that can control the weather and the environment. The government can then control the emissions of CO2 and harmful particles that causing global warming.

3. Machine Translation Would Be So Good And Accurate That People Need Not Learn Any Foreign Language.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence would have the next level of expertise and learning curve then. Someone will create a translator that is so much intelligent that, which can translate any language of this world accurately and brilliantly.

Google Translator sucks these days. But who knows, after 10 to 50 years from now on, they will improve a lot and have that much intelligence to bridge the gap of languages to languages.

4. Vacation On Mars.

NASA found some waters on Mars. But I think, within the next 100 years; Mars would be the most expensive vacation spot for the elites and millionaires.

5. Robots Will Be So Intelligent That Their Marriage Will Be Legalized.

Robots will have emotions and they even fall in love. I am not surprised by thinking that, after 100 years from now on; robots will have a separate society and they will marry each other.

6. Flying Cars.

We may see it very sooner than we think. Maybe within the next 10-15 years, we will see such technology that can fly cars when the traffics is jammed.

7. Universal Basic Income.

Everyone in this world will have the same amount of income every day and the same wealth to live life. It may take several hundreds of years though.

8. Internal Glucose Of Your Body To Electricity Converter.

Whenever you walk; your body can produce electricity and that can be instantly converted.

9. Body Tissue To Make The Vitamins Automatically To Remain Healthy.

We have to eat something to have vitamins these days. But scientists will create somebody tissue that will automatically create required vitamins so that people can stay healthy always.

10. Honest Politicians.

Like a universal basic income dream, this might take several hundred years. I am not sound joking…but it literally is. It’s very hard to find an honest politician.

Though there are very numbers of honest politicians still available in this world; but when the supporters will be able to think who is the best and when they won’t support blindly to any party or people; the world will have honest politicians. Though, it can take a lot of time; but we can hope for the best.

Do you have anything in mind that does not exist today but you think might someone invent or execute the idea? Let us know by commenting below.


What new job possibilities are there that dont exist today?

1. Chief productivity officer.

2. Excess capacity broker.

3. Drone manager.

4. Private industry air traffic control.

5. Medical mentor.

6. Self-driving car mechanic.

What jobs won’t exist in 10 years?

1. Cashiers.

2. Computer Operators.

3. Data Entry Keyers.

4. Insurance Underwriters.

5. Photography Lab Processors.

6. Social Media Experts.

What will not exist in 20 years?

Short Answer- The insurance, transportation, and retail industries will either not exist in 20 years.

What things will disappear in the future?

1. Credit and debit cards.

2. Smartphones. 3. Drivers.

4. Traffic.

5. Keys.

6. Privacy.

7. Passwords

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