What Do Fish Eat

If you’ve ever been fishing you probably feel that fish eat everything but what you use for bait! Little boys in towns often catch fish with a piece of bread on a bent pin. Country boys use worms. Trout fishermen use flies. And some ash is tempted to “bite” by other fish on the hook.

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Since there are thousands of different kinds of fish, it is impossible to describe all the things they eat. But the struggle for life beneath the water is so great, that fish have learned not to be too particular about their diet. Some fish are vegetarians and will not eat any other living creature, but most of them are “predacious’, which means that they will eat other fish or aquatic animals, and insects. A curious thing is that many fish relish eating the small crustaceans, or shelled creatures.

While there is a great variety of fish, there are certain general things that can be said about them. As a general rule, for example, fish are long and tapering in shape because it is the most satisfactory shape for cutting through the water quickly.

Most fish use their tails as a powerful engine and guide themselves with both tail and fins. They breathe by means of gills through which water is constantly passing from the mouth.

Do Fish Like Marshmallows?

Yes fish love to eat marshmallows.

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