The door is Open or the Door is Opened: Which One is Correct?

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The phrase “the door is open” is correct. The phrase “the door is open” means that the door has been opened.

The door is open is grammatically correct, but the door is opened can also be used in a sentence. For example – The door was opened by the maid. Or, the door was opened to reveal a red carpet.

The debate about whether the door is open or opened has been going on for a long time. The Oxford Dictionary is of the opinion that “open” should be used as an intransitive verb and “opened” should be used as a past participle.

What’s more, some people believe that both words are acceptable and can be used interchangeably in some contexts.

Door is Open or doors are opened: Which One is Correct?

Door is Open or doors are opened

The door was open or the doors were opened is the correct sentence when describing a singular event in the past tense. However, when describing more than one event in the past tense, both sentences can be used interchangeably because they are both grammatically correct.

The correct usage of the phrase is “the door is open.” However, if you are referring to more than one door, then use the plural form “doors are opened.”

Incorrect: The doors are open.

Correct: The door is open.

Correct: The doors are opened.

Open vs. Opened – What’s Your Choice?

The word “open” can be used to describe both the act of opening and the state of being open. The word “opened” is usually used when referring to a door or window that has been opened. It can also be used when talking about an opening in a wall or roof, or when talking about an opening in a garment.

When you’re writing about doors, it’s best to use the word “open.” When you’re writing about windows, it’s best to use the word “opened.”

Some Differences To Look at: Should the door be opened or should it be open?

Should the door be opened or should it be open

The difference between these two words is the tense. Open is a present tense and opened is past tense.

The word “open” means “to make something available for use, to make something usable.” The word “opened” means “to start or cause to start.”

Should the door be opened or should it be open?

This question is often asked in regards to opening a door. In both cases, the door is opened. However, there is a difference in meaning between the two sentences. When you say, “The door should be opened,” you are saying that someone needs to physically open it for you. When you say, “The door is open,” you are saying that it is not currently being obstructed by anything and can easily be opened by anyone who wishes to do so.

The door was opened – this sentence means that the door was already opened.

The door is open – this sentence means that the door is not closed and can be used.

The door is opened – this sentence means that the person who opened it has left, but the door remains open.

What are the examples of ‘Door is opened’ in sentences?

  1. The door was opened.
  2. The door swung open.
  3. The door was pushed open.
  4. The door was pulled open.
  5. The door slid open.
  6. She opened the door.
  7. He opened the door for her.

How do you use ‘The Door is open’ phrases in sentences?

  1. The Door is open
  2. I’ll leave the door open
  3. Do you want to leave the door open?
  4. Leave the door open for me
  5. The door is open, would you like to come in?
  6. I’m here for the meeting. Is the door open?
  7. We’re here to help you. The door is open.


People often confuse these two words and use them interchangeably. But, they are not the same. One of the words should be used for a door that is open, and the other should be used for a door that has been opened.

The Door is Open: When someone says “the door is open”, it means that the person can go through it, but it’s not necessary to do so. It could also mean that there’s nothing blocking their way, like a closed gate or security checkpoint.

The Door is Opened: When someone says “the door has been opened”, it means that they have gone through the doorway themselves and are now on the other side of it.

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