How Were Beards Named

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There are many types of beards, of course, and each one has a different name for a special reason. A short, pointed beard is called a “Vandyke”. This is because of the  Flemish painter  Anthony  Van Dyck’s portrait beard he had painted! showed men with this kind of beard.

How Were Beards Named

The English way of spelling his name was “Van Dyke”, and this name soon came to be applied to the kind of A “goatee” is just a little bit of a beard on the chin, and the name comes from the fact that it resembles the beard of the he-goat. A tuft of beard under the lower lip is called an “imperial” because Emperor Napoleon III of France used to wear one.

When a man has hair along the cheeks past both ears, he is said to have “burnsides”. This is named after a general of the Civil War, General Ambrose Burnside. Sometimes this type of beard has the name twisted around and is called sideburns!

What Should I Name My Beard?

1. Admiral’s Pennant.

2. Beard.

3. Beard Man.

4. Black Santa.

5. Bristles.

6. Bumfluff.

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