How Much Does It Cost To Vaccinate A Kitten?

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You’ve just taken on the brand new kitten or are planning to adopt one very soon. This is an excellent idea as we all know the joy and unconditional affection a pet can bring to our busy lives. However, the process of adopting a cat is a commitment with numerous responsibilities, one of which involves vaccines. It is essential to plan for these expenses each year because it is essential that your cat’s vaccination records are up-to-date. The following guide can give a solid idea of the expenses.

Find out about other vaccines required and the reasons it’s important to give your cat a vaccine and more.

how much does it cost to vaccinate a kitten

Why Do You Need to Vaccinate Your Cat?

A widespread vaccination program can prevent the death and spread of disease to thousands of pets. Vaccines safeguard pets from infectious and fatal illnesses and enhance the overall quality of your pet’s life.

In fact, it remains up to date the most secure method to shield your pet from the most prevalent illnesses. Because vaccines are made up of living or dead bacterial compounds or inactivated viruses, or attenuated viruses, they assist the immune system fight off these diseases in the future. However, with a few exceptions animals who have received vaccinations are immune to infection if they are exposed.

How Much Do the Three Basic Vaccines Cost for Cats?

Prices could differ from one vet clinic to another. On average, it will be about $65 to get a pet that lives indoors as well as the price will be $110 when you have a cat who ventures outdoors.

What Other Vaccines Are Recommended for Cats?

Your veterinarian may also suggest different vaccines for cats, according to your location as well as whether your cat is outdoors:

  • Chlamydia. Chlamydia is an infection in cats that is caused by bacteria belonging to the chlamydiae family, causing respiratory and eye issues. It is a virulent disease that is hard to cure. Cost: 20$
  • Feline Leukemia (Felv). Feline leukemia is among the most serious diseases which cats are susceptible to. In addition to the damage caused by the virus in your body, it also causes secondary infections, immune deficiency and cancer. The infection is only seen between cats. This disease is particularly prevalent among outdoors cats, those that live in a communal setting as well as males that are not castrated. Cost: $35.
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). The feline immunodeficiency disease (FIV) is the same as HIV for cats. A small percentage of cats suffer from FIV. Once a cat has been diagnosed with FIV and remains that way till the very end its lifespan. FIV can be transmitted by fighting and biting, and is more common among cats that are younger and unsterilized. They spend time outdoors, particularly when they mark their areas of territory. Cost: $40.
  • Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Feline Infectious peritonitis is an extremely serious illness that is primarily affected by kittens. It is a relatively uncommon condition (only 1-5% of the infected animals contract the disease) it is still the main cause of death among kittens. Cost: $50.
  • Bordetella. The bacteria infests cat’s upper respiratory tract, and can lead to serious respiratory issues. Cats of all breeds can be affected by bordetella. However, it’s more common among cats who reside with other domestic cats in crowded environments. Cost: $10.

Thus, the total cost of recommended vaccines is approximately $150, according to vet clinics. Your vet is in a position to inform you if the vaccines are required in light of the examination he’ll perform and your cat’s behavior.

how much does it cost to vaccinate a kitten

How Much Do Kitten Shots Cost?

Certain veterinary clinics provide basic vaccinations for kittens of at minimum 8 weeks old. You’ll need to pay about 100 dollars per package that includes:

  • Physical exam
  • FVRCP vaccine (FVRCP is a shorthand for Feline Virus Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus as well as Panleukopenia)
  • Deworming
  • Rabies (only only at minimum 12 weeks old)
  • Test for FIV/FELV

It is also necessary to visit for two booster shots between the ages of 12 or 16 weeks into your cat’s existence. You’ll need to pay about 20 dollars for the compulsory booster vaccine to be used with the FVRCP.

Therefore, you’ll need to shell out around $150 for the base package as well as the additional vaccines which cover the first four months of your cat’s life.

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Are There Any Risks in Vaccinating Your Cat?

As per the American Veterinary Medical Association ( the AVMA), any kind of treatment for a medical condition has inherent risk However, the risks must be evaluated against the benefits of securing your family members, pets, and the community from potentially fatal ailments. Most pets are well-adjusted to vaccinations.

The most commonly reported adverse reactions to vaccinations are short-term and mild severe reactions are uncommon. But, a very rare, but dangerous side effect that cats can experience is the growth of tumors known as Sarcomas that can appear over a period of weeks, months, and even years following vaccination. However, advances in vaccines and methods of vaccination have significantly decreased the appearance of sarcomas.

How Often Will You Need to Vaccinate Your Cat?

Annual booster shots aren’t required for all vaccines however, they are required to prevent the treatment of rabies. Most vaccines are effective in the event of a few years of administration however some require regular booster shots for your cat to ensure the highest level of immunity to viral diseases. Your veterinarian can help to establish the most appropriate vaccine schedule for your pet.

Feline Leukemia (FeLV)

Certain vets will always suggest this vaccine for the shots your kitten requires and others will only recommend it in extremely risky circumstances. FeLV is a virulent disease that can be easily passed from a cat suffering from one illness to another. The vaccine is available between 8 and 12 weeks of age. It needs a booster about 3-4 weeks after.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

FIV can be transmitted between cats through bite wounds. A vet will only recommend this when your cat is frequently out and meets wanderers. The vaccine is not 100 percent successful. It is administered as early as 8 weeks of age and needs boosters.

Chlamydophila Felis

The vaccine is typically only offered in multi-cat settings where the disease is believed to be present. The disease can cause conjunctivitis as well as respiratory issues. Kittens can get the vaccine as young as 9 weeks of age.

Core and non-core vaccines for kittens are boosted again after one year and are repeated every 3 to 5 years based on the kind of vaccine being utilized.

The Cost of What Shots Your Kitten Needs

Based on the location you reside in as well as the price of your individual vet and the type of vaccine you choose, your cost for your kitten’s initial vaccination can range from approximately $20-$45 for each shot. Veterinarians should also examine the physical health of your kitten prior to giving the necessary shots to your kitten. It can cost between $50 to $100 in addition to vaccinations. There are many clinics that can offer you a discount on a package and free vaccinations to ensure kittens are well in their forever home.

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