How Much Does It Cost To Replace Macbook Air Battery?

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These are fully-functional, high-end machines that can perform a vast range of tasks. They’re generally robust and are an excellent investment in a computer you can enjoy for many years without worrying about anything when it comes to upkeep or maintenance.

There are several factors that can cause wear the battery of the MacBook Pro over time and the battery is among the most frequent of these problems.

Like any other battery like the one in your laptop’s battery is able to last for a time and after a certain period of time, it’ll begin to slow down and impair performance.

If this occurs, it’s time for replacement batteries, and let’s look at the amount it would cost to replace them.

how much does it cost to replace macbook air battery

How Much Does a Replacement Battery Cost

Option #1: Check Your Apple Warranty (Or Pay Apple)

The price of a replacement battery for the MacBook Pro can vary a bit based on where you bought it, the version of the MacBook Pro you have, and if it’s included in the warranty.

They aren’t as expensive when replacing the battery of a regular electrical device such as the flashlight or Walkman (remember these?) However, purchasing a replacement battery is considerably less expensive than purchasing an entirely new computer.

If you purchased the battery from Apple be sure to determine if your PC is covered by warranty. If the battery you have is out, it’s likely that you have no warranty, however, it’s worthwhile to check in the event of. If you’re under warranty, you may not need to spend more money on the purchase of a new battery.

You can get a listing on Apple’s battery Services here. The price range for a replacement battery According to this website, the cost can range from 129 dollars up to $199. The cost range is dependent on the year of manufacture that MacBook Pro you have.

Extra tip: You might want to know if the batteries on your MacBook can be eligible to be eligible for the Apple MacBook Pro batteries replacement program. Follow the link below and type in the MBP serial numbers to verify your eligibility.

Option #2: Do-It-Yourself Or Engage An Outside Vendor

There are a few cheaper options available, particularly in the event that you wish to change the battery on your own. It’s not too difficult to complete and look at this website for a comprehensive look at how you can do this easy repair yourself in just one hour.

If you decide to replace the battery in your MacBook Pro battery yourself just ensure you are cautious, be patient, and do not remove any screws that are attached to the bottom of the laptop or to the screws holding the battery to it.

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to a batter by using Apple look into these websites:

how much does it cost to replace macbook air battery
  • Amazon A different option to locate the battery replacement you need is to visit Amazon and look up the MacBook Pro model and replacement battery. It will display a variety of results, but you’ll be able to select and decide which is best for you. On Amazon there are the majority of batteries.
  • iFixit They carry the largest batteries for the MacBook Pro and also offer complete replacement kits that permit you to complete the task yourself using the appropriate tools and directions. Prices for replacing batteries can range between $149 and $149 dependent on the model.
  • LaptopBatteryExpress The LaptopBatteryExpress is a site for discounted batteries offering all battery packs for the MacBook Pro models available at lower prices than directly from Apple. They stock a variety of batteries that fit all types of computers , so be certain to select their Apple MacBook Batteries button on their main page. Prices for replacement batteries can range between $169 and $129 depending on the model you have.

What are the methods to change the battery on a MacBook Pro battery

As I mentioned earlier that the price of replacing the battery is dependent heavily on how you choose the replacement service. There are four methods to replace the battery on a MacBook Pro battery, and making it happen in an Apple store is the most secure and most recommended by the experts.

  • Replace the battery with Apple’s one-year warranty.
  • Take it to the closest Apple Store for a replacement.
  • Replace the battery at an area computer repair shop to save just a few dollars.
  • You can complete the work yourself, you will be able to collect the necessary replacement requirements.

Apple offers a one-year warranty on its products, even although Apple TV costs or AirPods cost might appear to be too high for your tastes. This one-year warranty can be very helpful to those who need to replace the MacBook Pro battery. Removing the damaged battery in the warrantied timeframe will cost nothing.

It’s the most affordable option you can find. It’s still possible to ensure the quality of the battery by going to your local Apple retailer. But, it’s a costly method of replacing the battery. To lower the cost of replacement visiting an area store isn’t something new.

These technicians from third parties use low-cost materials to reduce the costs, and this is a bit risky. The riskiest option is to complete the task yourself. The only thing you need is the battery and any other replacement equipment, not the expense of labor. This is the cheapest alternative.

Do I have the ability to change battery on the MacBook pro battery on my own?

If you’re willing to risk it all taking the risk, then you are able to switch your MacBook pro battery on your own. However, it is important to determine if it is a removable battery or is not removable. It is only possible to change the removable battery by yourself.

  • Switch off your MacBook Pro and remove the back cover.
  • Separate it from its motherboard, then take off the screws that hold the battery.
  • Take the old battery off and then put the new battery into it.
  • Attach the battery by screwing it in and then attach it to the motherboard.
  • Install the cover back and restart with your MacBook pro.

The types of batteries that are that are used in MacBook pro

There are two kinds of batteries that are used in MacBook Pro models: non-removable and removable.

  • MacBook Pro models released before mid-2009 come with removable batteries.
  • The newer models that came out in 2009 include a non-removable battery that are glued onto the frame.
  • The models with removable batteries do not come with Retina displays.

When you’re required to replace the battery on your MacBook Pro, you must change MacBook Pro battery

There are several common indicators you’ll see that will inform you of the condition of your battery. If you observe a lot of these symptoms this means that you need to replace your MacBook Pro battery right away.

  • Verify the battery’s condition If it indicates that it needs that it needs to be replaced, or a service battery, then replace it quickly.
  • If the battery is draining more quickly in comparison to normal.
  • Unexpected shutdowns mean that your battery is in need of being replaced.
  • The mac’s temperature is overheated. This is another indication of a damaged or a replacement battery.

How do you check the cycles of the battery on MacBook pro

The replacement is also dependent on the cycle of batteries in the MacBook pro. This number for a cycle of batteries indicates how often the battery has been all the way from 100% completely draining to zero. Below are steps for checking the cycle of your battery using MacBook pro.

  • Go to the Apple menu in the upper left hand corner.
  • Press and hold the option key for a few seconds and select the system info.
  • Choose power from the hardware section in the information about the system.
  • The current count of battery cycles will be accessible under the section on information about batteries.

Final Thoughts

If you require an upgrade to your battery on the MacBook Pro because of your computer’s performance or age, they’re easily found and are much less expensive than purchasing a new laptop.

You can choose to directly contact Apple to have the battery replaced, or there are numerous other sites offering replacement batteries at a lower cost should you decide to do repairs yourself.

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