How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Watch Battery?

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Repairing your timepiece is required to keep your watch operating properly and keeping an accurate time. Repairs are anything from a simple battery replacement for a quartz watch up to an entire overhaul of a high-end automatic timepiece.

This article will provide an overview of different kinds of repairs for watches and, in general, the cost they could incur:

Battery Change

Quartz timepieces stop functioning when the battery goes out and you’ll need to buy a new one. The cost of a change in battery can range from around $10 up to $45 to $60 to seal and test the pressure of the water-resistant timepiece following the change of battery.

how much does it cost to replace a watch battery

Some expensive watches that are composed of chronograph and hybrid quartz movements could cost between $65 and $95 to charge the battery. If you’re paying more than $45 to charge the battery the repair shop must also clean the case as well as the bracelet and polishing gold or stainless steel bracelets and cases can be a cost.

New Bracelet or Strap

Watches can be worn with straps (typically animal skin, leather, or a novel material like carbon fiber or rubber) and bracelets (typically stainless steel, gold platinum, titanium, or).

If you decide to purchase an entire replacement strap for your model, you are able to swap it out with a comparable one or select a different one that is compatible with your model. Straps for replacement vary in quality. They typically start at $20 for a leather strap but could go from $20 to $500 for top Swiss brands.

The replacement bracelets are typically more expensive and can cost from $50-$75 for an ordinary steel bracelet up to $1,000. Gold and platinum bracelets can run thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and the weight.

Mechanical Watch Overhaul

The repair of mechanical watches is a very complex procedure that involves dismantling the mechanism (the mechanical part of the watch) cleaning all the parts as well as replacing worn parts and oiling the movement while calibrating the watch and sealing everything. It can take hours, and bring the watch close to new, particularly in the event that the overhaul also includes the polishing and cleaning the outside of the watch, too.

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A repair should be covered by an assurance of 1 or 2 years to make sure that the timepiece is functioning properly during normal use. The price of an overhaul depends on the brand, but for a luxury Swiss clock, this usually begins at $200, but it can increase to $1000 or higher for a classic timepiece.

Crystal Replacement

Crystals are the transparent, hard substance that is placed between the watch’s dial as well as the hands that make up the timepiece. High-end timepieces feature crystals constructed from synthetic sapphire. low-end watches usually come with crystals made of acrylic. Sometimes, the crystal may be scratched or cracked after an impact, however it can be repaired easily.

The price of replacement could range from thirty dollars to acrylic the $150 mark for an alternative sapphire crystal made by an excellent Swiss manufacturer.

Other Watch Repairs

There are other fixes that are minor including replacing the crown, replacing the dial, changing the hands, and so on. The cost of repair for a watch can be a bit different depending on the type and the condition of the piece. If you require these kinds of repairs, you can contact us at 877-845-6647, or contact us via email for more information.

Watch Overview of Battery Replacement

Usually, any store where you purchase watches has a repair technician in the store to help you with the necessary repairs like cutting watch links, changing batteries, or making simple repairs.

After the battery in the watch has been replaced then the watch will be rotated and the backing is removed. The back will be removed with an incredibly small screwdriver that is flat or a small screwdriver dependent on the brand of the watch. 

macro of replacing a watch battery with watchmaker tools 439237666

Some backs are simply pulled off, while others have screws to hold them in place. When the watch is opened, the gasket must be carefully removed and put aside. Once it is time to expose the battery it will be removed with a smaller screwdriver. Once the battery has been removed successfully, the new battery will be put in place and the backing placed in place. The watch will be set to the current date and date.

The time the battery of a watch lasts depends on the model of the watch and the functions it performs. For instance, if a watch can display the time, date, or act as a stopwatch and other functions it will not last for as long as one that simply keeps the time. However, the majority of watches last about four years.

Some companies offer an extended warranty once a watch battery is replaced.

What’s the additional charges?

Sometimes, watches fail due to a defective gasket. If this happens it could cost between $10-$20 to replace.

Tips to be aware of:

Avoid low-cost retailers and think about going an online search for a reliable jewelry store. Even the prices are less than a few dollars the difference can be worth it.

If you are replacing a battery for a watch yourself, take care when using crystal backings. If excessive pressure is put on the back, it could break.

Watches may lose pressure when it is opened. A skilled repair professional can pressure the watch.

The four most common types of watches batteries

Mercury timepieces are able to last up to three years, yet they have a high degree of stability in voltage and, consequently, ensure that the time is accurate.

The silver oxide battery is just as strong as mercury batteries, however, they are smaller in terms of size. They are only able to use this kind of battery inside watches that are designed specifically for it.

The lithium watch batteries tend to be the most popular and are often called “coin batteries” because of their shape. They can last for 10 years or more and aren’t as harmful to the environment as mercury batteries could be.

The alkaline battery is the 2nd most popular kind that watches batteries are. They are among the most affordable batteries available however they have also the least time-to-life, with a lifespan as short as just a few months.

What can I do to save some money?

Return your timepiece to the store in which you purchased it. Certain stores might offer you an offer or even change the battery free of charge.

Changing the battery in a watch isn’t that difficult to accomplish, but should you not wish to damage your watch, don’t try the process. Watch battery replacement kits on the web typically retail under $10.

Some shops may be able to make the swap for you for no cost. This trick is designed to encourage you to for a visit in the near future.

Keep an eye out for sales or special offers.

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