How Much Does It Cost To Rent Disneyland?

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If your child is celebrating an upcoming big birthday it might be worth going for a trip to Disneyland.

All the people and the crowds may make you think that it is great to be able to enjoy the park by yourself.

It’s sure to be an amazing experience!

Of course, for all good experiences, it’s going to be expensive.

While there’s not much information available on the price to rent Disneyland however, there are some numbers that have surfaced over the decades.

how much does it cost to rent disneyland

How Much Is It to Rent Disneyland For A Day?

The fact is that Disneyland is not a place to rent the whole park to anyone for the duration of a day.

The cost would be high for them to be able to afford it.

It is important to keep in mind that these parks generate millions of dollars every day. For them to require one person to replace all of them is simply ridiculous.

While you aren’t able to rent the whole area, you can choose a few alternatives if you wish to rent a ride or some of the park.

It is believed that certain rides can be rented for around $50,000 for 4 hours.

There are times when famous people or big corporations have rented out small areas or even areas in the parks.

These kinds of rentals are priced at around $300,000 or more. they’ll be limited to a couple of hours.

Another type of rental that’s been reported in the past is an after-hours rent.

Certain celebrities have done this in the past, which lets the park continue to operate as normal throughout the day, and also offers an event that is special in the evening.

how much does it cost to rent disneyland for a day

Other Ways to Celebrate a Birthday at Disneyland

If you are renting out an entire ride or section or a section of the theme park Disney offers other methods to create a memorable birthday celebration.

Of course, they’re certainly not as special as having the park all to your own, but at the very least, you’ll be able to celebrate with your loved ones in the most joyful spots on earth.

  • Request an Extra Cake: Disney will bring a special cake right to your bedroom just to celebrate your birthday.
  • Decorate your room If you’re staying at the Disney resort, you can avail an in-room party team that will decorate your room.
  • Birthday Ears We’ve all heard about the iconic Mickey ears you can put on throughout your stay however, there are also special birthday-themed versions you can purchase too.

It’s not that difficult to create a Disney birthday party memorable, even without renting everything in the parks.

The idea of having a small birthday celebration at Disney could be a possibility however the cost of the tickets will increase quite quickly.

Of course, there’s always the at-home party themed to Disney also!

How Much Does Disneyland Make in a Day?

Disneyland isn’t an affordable place to go to.

If you have to wait in line and have to pay hundreds of dollars to get tickets for yourself and your loved ones, you might begin to question what the park earns every day.

Disney doesn’t make available all this information to the general public to peruse. But, there are a few numbers available.

how much does it cost to rent disneyland for a day

It is widely known that Disney earns around $13 billion each day in the six parks they operate..

This number is difficult to grasp.

Naturally, it isn’t going to be a total loss.

If you consider the costs these kinds of parks incur, your brain will begin to hurt.

Consider your employees’ names, power, and safety features as well as the food.

The costs seem to be inexplicably infinite.

But obviously, a bit of extra cash was left over to Disney at the close each day.

It is believed that Disney earns around $19 million per day.

There are other aspects to consider as well, and obviously, there will be instances when all parks are operating However, you don’t have to feel guilty about Disney as well as their fiscal position.

What Are the Best Times to Visit Disneyland?

If renting has gone out of the window You might want to look into going to the park at a time when it’s less busy.

There are many instances that Disneyland isn’t quite as busy as it is during other times.

Of course, during school breaks and holiday breaks, you’ll be greeted by a large number of people however, there are excellent opportunities to go to Disneyland in a quiet period.

The first couple of days of summer is the best time to go to Disneyland.

The busy months of the year are when vacations or breaks from school.

The first week that is full of January until February’s middle is the perfect time to go to Disneyland.

It is also possible to see parks less busy from mid-way through April until the third week of May.

This is generally a time of year when spring break has ended, and the kids are on the final phase of the school prior to the summer break.

Another time to go is right after school begins again.

Parents rarely take their children out of school for a week of vacation for the beginning of the six to eight weeks.

This means that the period from September through October could be an era where there aren’t many crowds.

Naturally, you shouldn’t assume to see the park completely empty however, there will be considerably shorter wait times to contend with.

The only negative aspect of visiting Disneyland during a slow time is that you could experience closures.

If you think of everything that must be completed in Disneyland and the staff members who have to do maintenance work that they need to finish in the midst of slow times.

Most rides will be in the process of construction or maintenance in the early months of the year.

If you’ve got your heart determined to go on a certain attraction or ride It is best to know beforehand whether it’s accessible.

If you’re flexible it doesn’t be a problem, as there is always plenty of other activities you can involve yourself in.

It’s not often to have a visitor quit Disneyland and feel that there wasn’t enough to do.

Is Disneyland Open 365 Days a Year?

The first time Disneyland first opened a few years ago, it wasn’t open all week.

Disney closed its parks on Mondays as well as Tuesdays during the slower season, so that they could catch up on maintenance and improvements to the park.

As the park gained in popularity and increasing numbers of people wanted to visit it, they began opening the park all seven days of the week.

Presently, Disneyland is open seven days a week, all every day of the year, provided that there aren’t any other circumstances that might cause a shut-down.


Disneyland isn’t a cheap rental location.

If you’re looking for an exceptional location for your wedding or birthday You may want to think about looking somewhere else.

While Disney parks are a wonderful spot to have a great time and enjoy an afternoon of entertainment, however, they’re designed to be shared with a wide range of people.

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