How Much Does It Cost To Refelt A Pool Table?

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The cost of refelting an existing pool table is $366, based on the size of the table as well as its quality felt. The installation of new felt on an 8 or 7-foot table can cost between $265 and $500, and $280 – $550 for a table that is 9 feet. Some refelting firms offer a discount of $100 when you purchase their own felt. Request free estimates from pool table refelting service providers close to you.

How Much Does It Cost To Refelt A Pool Table?
National Average Cost$366
Minimum Cost$255
Maximum Cost$590
Average Range$282 to $434


7-foot Table$265$350$450
8-foot Table$270$360$500
9-foot Table$280$375$550

Refelt Pool Table Cost

The cost of refelting a pool table is between $282 to $434 per table, depending on the table’s size. Replacement of felt is comprised of the Billiard cloth, staple removal, felt installation, and setting. Add an additional $60-$180 for replacing the bumpers in the same step as well as $200 to take them apart move and then reassemble.

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The felt for pool tables comes in different types of quality. It ranges from $130 to $335 on average. Labor costs are on average $125 with more advanced pool table installations running as high as $280. If you’re not sure which repair you require for your pool table, a simple tune-up or service call costs around 95 dollars. Tuning-ups can assist you in determining if you have a single or three-piece slate-based pool table.

The majority of pool table repair companies offer a brochure or an online checklist of the advantages of each offer as well as the array of colors they offer. If you’re planning to move your pool table it will have the felt removed, and it’s a good moment to replace it. After recovering, they’ll also examine the level of the table and adjust it to ensure it’s the perfect level.

Pool Table Felt Replacement Costs

A 7-foot felt replacement for a pool table costs between $265 and $450 while an 8-foot table will cost about $270-$500 to replace. Prices are based on the grade of the fabric. There is an average of $10 to $50 for each extra foot in length of the table.

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Pool Table Felt Repair

Most pool companies don’t offer repair or replacement of the felt of the pool table services because replacing the felt can be simpler and cost-effective.

The repair of felt is often complex as the felt has to be kept as clean and level as it is. There is also the chance that the damage could be more extensive than the area of felt.

If you’re interested to use self-adhesive felt patches at $10 from Amazon. While this is a simple and inexpensive solution, it’s far from being the best.

The patch might not be perfect and could cause a problem to the balls. If you’re skilled in sewing skills, you could use the needle and thread to stitch the damaged fabric. You can then apply the high-temperature steam iron to smooth the fabric.

Customized Pool Table Felt

To make a style statement and show off your personal style, you can purchase a custom-designed pool table felt. You can put any style that you like on the felt.

For example, you could apply your logo for your business or any other image that resonates with you.

Custom-made felt replacements can run up to $550 for 7 feet and 8-foot tables. For 9-foot pool tables, prices can reach upwards of $600.

The price for custom-made felt is determined by a number of variables such as the size of the artwork, the colors used, as well as the grade fabric.

Coin-Operated Pool Tables

The cost of replacing felt on coin-operated tables is similar to table games that aren’t operated by a coin. The typical cost is approximately $380.

The range of prices can range between $295 and $595.

For tables with coin-operated pools, You will need to upgrade the felt frequently due to the fact that they see a lot more use and are situated in areas that are open to the public.

Pool Table Bumper Felt Replacement

If you are looking to replace the felt used for tables with bumpers for the pool You must be prepared to spend anywhere from 60 to $180. This is in addition to table refelt costs.

If you are replacing the felt on the surface of play it is the perfect moment to replace the felt on the bumpers as the entire thing has fallen apart.

Pool Table Bumper Replace Cost

The cost for the replacement of the pool table’s bumper is between $50 and $100.

Cushion facing can be attached to the rail or rail rubbers. If it’s executed correctly, then the bumpers for pool tables should last about two decades on a good quality pool table.

Pool Table Leveling Costs

If your pool table’s surface is skewed, you’ll need to contact an expert to make it level. The professional will cost you around $80 for an hour, and an additional $60-$100 to come to your home to make repairs.

Leveling of the pool table is finished while the table is being put in place and set up. The price for this service ranges from $250 to $360.

Installation tasks include laying carpet on top of the table and leveling the table, and the complete assembly.

Pool Table Refinish Costs

The cost of refinishing a pool table ranges between $300-$400. Costs for replacing fabric covering the rails and on the playing surface are included in the price.

In order to restore your table pool, it must be given a complete tune-up, so it returns to its original state.

Repair services for pool tables perform the following steps to refinish the table:

  • Pool table disassembly
  • The adjustment and the checking of the level of the table
  • Treatment of the slate to make it level
  • Sealing slate seams
  • The new fabric is being laid out
  • The pool table is being reassembled and again

Pool Table Felt Replacement Factors

Certain factors influence the price of replacing felt on the pool table. The main factors are how good the material is as well as the person you’ll hire to complete the task.

Like many things, you could opt to save money by using the lowest quality or spend the money on an elegantly designed pool table.

Larger tables require more fabric and need more time to complete the felt fabric installation. Professional pool tables are up to 9 feet in length while slate tables that are found in normal homes vary between 7 and 8 feet, on average.

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