How Much Does It Cost To Put Tires On Rims?

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The cost of tires as well as the cost of having them fitted has drastically changed throughout the years as the regulations have changed, and the wheels and tires in themselves are getting more complex. 

The gradual elimination in certain states of the lead wheel weights and the introduction of systems for monitoring tire pressure and the desire for bigger rims have resulted in certain tires being more expensive, and the process of installing them more complicated.

For a good example of what you can look for, we compared an adipose-sized set of 15-inch tires for a typical car for families with Tom Lyons Tire which is a chain that consistently provides reasonable prices and top-quality service. Keep in mind that if you’ve got larger rims, fancy tires such as run-flats, or rims that need the use of a unique size tire that the price you pay for almost everything will be more expensive than those shown in the example.

how much does it cost to put tires on rims

Here’s what installing four Bridgestone Ecopias on our vehicle, with full-service costs:

Tires: $400
Mounting and Balancing: $60
Valve Stems: $12
Tire Disposal: $16
Protection Plan: $48
Alignment: $90

Total: $626

Mounting and Balancing

You can expect to spend between $13 and $45 per tire, across the globe, based upon the dimensions of the tires. The process of mounting (installing tires on the wheels) along with balance (adding the weight to ensure that the wheel weighs equal across the board) differs for SUVs, cars, and light trucks. It also is highly dependent on the dimension of the tire. 

Some companies charge by the proportion of the aspect while others charge by dimensions. However, the bigger the rim, the more the cost for mounting and balancing – both because the amount of labor required is more labor-intensive and also because larger wheels usually need more weights.

We’d have to pay $15 for the mounting and balancing of each tire. Our tires are smaller in size, and standard in size. they’re not run-flats.

Valve Stems

You should expect to be charged:

how much does it cost to put tires on rims

Most cars prior to 2007. between $2 and $5 for brand new standard valve stems made of rubber. It is recommended to change valve stems each time you change tires, particularly when you reside in an area that experiences extreme temperatures or extreme cold.

Vehicles made after 2007. are $100 up to $150 for each sensor when you purchase brand new TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors. Don’t be alarmed: Unlike traditional valve stems made of rubber that are used in the past, it is not necessary to replace the TPMS sensor every time you change your tires. 

The most recent TPMS sensors have a modular design, which means that when the gaskets made from metal or rubber get corroded, the tiny parts are able to be replaced without replacing the sensor itself which is the largest and most expensive component.

A note of caution If your vehicle is equipped with TPMS sensors, ensure an experienced and skilled technician is operating for your automobile. If a sensor fails even if it’s an error of the tech, there is no way that a tire retailer will pay for the cost of replacing it and the cost will go onto the customer. 

If you’re working with an experienced tire technician, replacing a sensor is not an issue, but for someone who is a rookie, beginner or hacker the sensor can be easy to damage. This is among the reasons that tire installation is a job you should not give to the lowest price. Select a skilled professional who will stand behind the work he or she does.

We’d be paying $4 for each regular rubber valve stems with the exception of TPMS.

Tire Disposal

Be prepared to shell out between $2 and $6 per wheel to get rid of used tires. Tires that are old are deemed hazardous waste since they’re made from petroleum. The cost range is contingent on whether you’re disposing of the tires yourself by transporting them to the landfill for recycling or paying a dealer to take them away. Another alternative is to give them to an appropriate cause.

We’d pay $4 per tire. If you deal with a trustworthy tire dealer, you are assured that the tires will be taken to a legally-licensed hazardous waste facility and not create a waste disposal issue.

Road Hazard Protection Plan

Be prepared to shell out around $50 for four tires. Plans for protection vary in coverage and price. Certain plans provide more coverage than others. As with any other type of insurance coverage, it is only dependent on the company that you purchase it from. If the business you are considering has a good reputation and has a great reputation, it might be worth the risk.

We’d pay: $48


Be prepared to shell out $100 to $150 to purchase the most intricate automobiles (think Mercedes AMG for the highest end of the price range).

how much does it cost to put tires on rims

It is a must that you take care of the alignment with the new tires. Be aware of the cost over the long term for not getting the alignment you actually need one. A vehicle that isn’t aligned is more likely to burn through tires which means you’ll return to where you were in a fraction of the time that you need to be. 

Additionally, driving on a vehicle that isn’t aligned will wear down your suspension more quickly and cause the ride uncomfortable. Alignment is an intelligent and secure long-term investment.

We’d pay: $90. This is fairly normal for a typical car. The top end is reserved specifically designed for vehicles that have specific requirements.

Wheel Diameter

Price is highly dependent on the size of the wheel, as the bigger the wheel, the more aluminum that is needed in the process of manufacturing.

Wheel Finish

How much will it cost to purchase black rims?

A color wheel that is solid will cost less than a two-tone wheel, or one with specific machinings, such as milling.

How much do chrome rims cost?

Chrome is priced higher than painted wheels as it requires a lengthy labor-intensive process to get.

Tire Requirement

One of the most important contributors is the size of the tire needed for your particular package. When we designed our database of vehicles, we were mindful of not just what the ideal size tire choice is for specific vehicles but also the sizes that are produced in mass quantities and cost-effective. In this way, we’re not just providing the best fitment, but also one that’s offered in a variety of choices and prices.

Best Way To Find Out

The most effective way to figure out the price of your rims and tires is to use our search engine below. Just enter your vehicle’s year, year of manufacture, as well as the size you want, and we’ll provide you with the different wheel options with the lowest prices first. This is the most effective way to find out how much the actual price of rims and tires.

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