How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bumper?

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If the cost of painting a car’s front bumper is $150-$300, this means that a lower quality paint job would cost about $25 per square foot, while a higher-end high-end car paint job will cost you around $50/square foot.

How To Estimate The Cost To Paint A Bumper?

There are two important factors that affect the price of painting your bumper.

Let’s look at the common DIY expenses and the expense of employing a professional.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bumper

DIY Costs

If you’re planning to do the DIY paint job for the car’s front bumper there are two aspects to be considered the Prep Work as well as the Painting Work.

Prep Work

The correct way to paint a bumper is to remove your vehicle’s bumper.

It could take from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on your driving knowledge and the complexity of the particular vehicle you’re working on.

Once you’ve prepared the vehicle’s front bumper to be painted, you’ll have to sand off any existing paint to get a clean paint job.

This means that you’ll require Sandpaper (starting at 80 grit before ending with a smooth 200grit) that will cost you between $5 and $10.

Paint Work

After you’ve prepared your surface then you’ll be able to begin painting.

Before you begin make sure that you have at least one pint of base coat and 1 pint of the clear coat of enamel paint (spray paint cans are also a good option If that’s what you prefer).

The right paint, base coat as well as enamel paint is likely to cost between $20 and $40.

Total DIY Cost Estimate

If you have the preparation and the paintwork in mind the estimated cost for the DIY painting job on the bumper is approximately $60.

But, it will ultimately be determined by the price of paint that you decide to make use of.

Professional Cost

A body shop for auto repair can provide you with a short estimate based on the condition of your vehicle and the difficulty involved in removing the bumper.

A bumper painting job typically takes between 2 and 3 hours for a professional to complete, while auto body shops price for each job based on hours of labor.

The chain auto-body shops such as Maaco cost anywhere between $50 and $100 for labor. If materials cost $50, and you add two hours of labor, you will be paying an average of 150 dollars for your car’s bumper to be professionally painted contrasted to a low-cost garage job.

bumper repair action shot

Estimated Cost To Paint Per Square Foot?

If the typical car width is 6 feet and the bumper is around one foot high, it means that the bumper is approximately six square feet.

DIY Cost Per Square Foot

It’s recommended to use at the very least a pint of paint to paint the bumper as well as another bottle of clear coat.

The kind of paint you select should be auto-based, and you must be sure to match it with the color code of the paint which can be found in the door to the driver’s side.

If the average price is $40 then you’ll pay $6 to $7 per square foot for the paint to make your own bumpers.

Professional Cost Per Square Foot

If the typical cost for painting a bumper ranges from $150 to $300 so a less paint job of good quality will cost you $25 per square foot, while a higher-end luxury car paint job could cost around $50/square foot.

Estimated Cost of Paint For A Bumper?

You’ll need at minimum 1-pint basecoat, and one-pint clearcoat to create an outstanding paint job for your bummer.

If you buy one of these 1-quart bottles of Duplicolor automotive paint, you could have enough color coat to bumpers, and maybe even quarter-panels for a price around $20. But you’ll need to put on a transparent coat such as that Duplicolor one to finish the job.

In this instance, you’ve purchased enough paint to cover both bumpers at a cost of $40.

This is a reasonable option, however, should you wish to purchase the exact color that matches the color code of the paint on your car You could end up paying more.

or, if you are using spray paint, you’ll need approximately 2 cans of both clearcoat and two basecoat cans.

The paint cost for a car bumper that is in good shape should be less than $50. You may have to pay a bit more on sanding equipment or tools or products to get rid of small dents using products such as Bondo.

2019 Dodge HD Open Fender Vengeance Front Bumpers

Estimated Cost of Labor For A Bumper?

The cost of painting a car’s bumpers is dependent on the car’s condition and the complexity of the removal of the bumper.

Less expensive bumpers, such as a Honda or Toyota will likely be charged lesser labor hours (like 2-3 hours for instance) however, luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes might be charged 4 hours of labor, due to the effort it could be required to remove the bumper off in a safe manner.

Bumper damage?

A damaged or cracked bumper caused by an accident in the car will increase the cost of labor.

In the beginning, you may need to buy an entirely new bumper as well as other components of your car bumper such as ambient temperatures, fog light, sensors, and so on. These can cost up to hundreds of dollars based on the make of your car.

How To Save Money When Painting A Bumper?

Don’t Remove The Bumper

If you own an antique or valuable vehicle and you want to preserve it, then you’re likely to want to paint the front bumper incorrectly.

But what happens to that economical car you drive to get you to work each early morning? It is possible to get away with painting the trunk and hood and painting it without having to remove sensors.

Use A Spray Paint Can

There is no need to use the exact paint color match related to that color code.

Spray paint is a simple method of painting the entire bumper without taking off the compressor and sprayer.

Avoid The Paint Shop

Our view on this site at Pro Paint Corner is that you should only engage an expert for the task when you are working with an insurance provider or when your car is expected to decrease in value without professional styling.

If you own junker cars, commuter automobiles, or other types of vehicles that are rapidly losing value, our recommendation is for you to paint the vehicle yourself!

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