How Much Does It Cost To Live In Beverly Hills?

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Luxury lifestyle glamour, fame, and glamour You can name it then Beverly Hills has got everything. For many, the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles County in Southern California is not in need of being introduced. 

It’s already part of their fantasies and dreams. Beverly Hills is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods to live in and most people in the United States know about this neighborhood. But, in the process of determining the amount you’ll need to pay to live within Beverly Hills, let’s first look at what makes it special.

how much does it cost to live in beverly hills

What’s So Special About Beverly Hills Real Estate?


It is often believed that this area is a couple of centuries old. It actually has been around for 100 or so years. A group of investors seeking oil in the area discovered the water, instead, they set about creating a small neighborhood around the area. 

The neighborhood was later named Beverly Hills, and it slowly gained recognition as wealthy and powerful started calling it home. Nowadays, Beverly Hills has become an elegant small town that is known for its high-end shopping experience as well as the luxurious and exclusive lifestyle of its residents.

Location and Accessibility

Beverly Hills is located neither too close to the bustling urban city Los Angeles nor too far from the city of Los Angeles. The location is unique and shields it from the bustle and noise of big cities, and allows everything to be accessible via cars or public transport for the residents. 

It is possible to reach downtown in Beverly Hills in under 20 minutes. Santa Monica beach, Hollywood as well as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are less than 20 mins away. 

There are numerous retail and eating establishments located in Beverly Hills, but if you are looking to eat or shop for something specifically for Los Angeles city or any other city located in County everything is easily accessible.

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Beverly Hills luxury real estate is considered to be among the most expensive in Los Angeles county. Why is that? The majority of people who reside here want more than the four walls, roof, and the basic necessities of life. People who live in Beverly Hills enjoy massive estates and mansions that have lavish features and amenities that are not often found in other places. 

From high-end security systems to the most modern driveways, the people living in Beverly Hills have got everything in their homes. The majority of homes include pool, Jacuzzis, extensive lawns as well as backyards and fountains. If you’re looking to live in luxurious and contemporary life, Beverly Hills is the ideal place to live.


Many famous people call this area their home. It’s not unusual to see celebrities strolling in the streets around Beverly Hills. The expensive shops and eateries are filled with famous people. How can you profit from a place that is full of famous people? 

You can be acquaintances with famous people. You’ll then be able to go to those lavish dinners and parties. If you decide to move from Beverly Hills, you’ll have the chance to be in the spotlight like famed Hollywood stars!

Cost of Living in Beverly Hills

The cost of living in this area is higher than the typical cost across LA, California, and across the nation. For instance, utilities are 8 percent higher, and food items cost more than the average for all of America. Furthermore, transportation costs within Beverly Hills are 31% higher and healthcare is 10% more expensive than the average for the nation. These costs must be taken into consideration when determining how much you will need to afford a comfortable life living in Beverly Hills.

So, How Much Money Do You Need?

After taking a close look at the major expenses you’ll encounter when living within Beverly Hills, we can conclusively say that you will need at least double the average national household income to be able to afford Beverly Hills. 

This would be around $150,000-$160,000. It doesn’t mean that you cannot reside within Beverly Hills if you have less than that. It’s just that you won’t be able to live the same lifestyle as residents in this area do. How do you ensure you have the right amount of money to live the life of a millionaire within Beverly Hills? 

How to Make Sure You Have the Money?

If you are considering investing in Beverly Hills real estate, here are some tips to evaluate your financial situation:

how much does it cost to live in beverly hills
  • Make sure you pay off all your debts before you think about buying expensive real estate or applying for real estate loans.
  • Check that you have a credit rating that is outstanding (Ideally it should be higher than 740). This will help you when applying for loans to purchase real estate.
  • It is also a good idea to keep an emergency fund prepared for any time you require it. The cost of expensive homes is also high to maintain, so it is essential to have enough money in your savings account always.

Are you able to pay the cash? If so, we’ll look at ways to begin your search for real estate within Beverly Hills.

Hunting Real Estate in Beverly Hills

Below are some steps to follow to locate the most desirable real estate for sale in Beverly Hills:

List Your Requirements

One of the first things you need to complete is to write down all the requirements you have. This is the initial and most crucial step (even before you look for the right agent). If you’re purchasing a house for your family members, take a seat with them and discuss what they’d want their new home located in Beverly Hills to be like. 

Choose the essential features to have in the home and what you must stay clear of at all costs. It is a good idea to record all of this in a place where you can easily convey it to your real estate agent at the moment. A list of the requirements aids in narrowing the selection of properties to a large extent.

Find A Renowned Real Estate Agent

The amount of homes available to be sold has significantly diminished in recent years. This is why the increasing need for real estate often causes people to pay more for the property than what they actually value. It is essential to choose the most reputable Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent to assist you in negotiating the cost of your dream property. 

I guarantee you will get the home of your dreams if you partner with Erik Brown, Erik Brown. Additionally, I’ll help you understand the process of real estate and assist you in planning your budget for purchasing the home you’ve always wanted.

Make Sure Your Mortgage is Approved

Before you begin searching for properties, be sure your mortgage has been approved. This simple step will help for convincing the seller that you’re serious about buying. 

Many buyers appear to be at properties as if they’re interested but they’re not even serious and do not have a mortgage that is approved. This is a huge turn-off selling point and should be avoided. Be sure to trust me, I’ve had enough experience to know this.

Visit Houses on a Schedule

Set a timetable for visiting homes with your realtor in accordance with times suitable for you. I recommend that you send your schedule to me prior to your visit to allow me to prepare the most thorough and appropriate visits. 

A schedule can also make sure that you don’t miss any properties you’ve put on your list. Note all your trips in a written or typed format to ensure that you don’t forget what you enjoyed and disapproved of about each house.

Effects of the Global Pandemic

The entire process of purchasing real estate has been hindered because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. There are numerous lockdowns as well as gathering restrictions during the past year that has had an impact on the real estate business in a significant way. 

Sellers are not allowed to hold open houses in which agents and buyers can look over their homes. As things ease down and the real estate market is also gaining momentum.

It is essential to make sure that you don’t violate any social distancing regulations or gathering rules when purchasing the property you’ve always wanted. In addition, the pandemic has had a significant economic impact on a lot of people across the nation.

If you’ve been affected and are considering putting off purchasing homes located in Beverly Hills as it is costly. If you’re working with the most reliable Beverly Hills real estate agent and you are able to negotiate the best deal you can manage to afford.

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