How Hot Is The Sun

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It is rather hard for us to realize that our sun is merely just another star in the sky. This is probably because we think of the stars as looking so tiny. The sun looks larger than any star because it is only about a million miles from the earth. The nearest star is 25 billion miles away!

How Hot Is The Sun

What is the temperature on the surface of the sun? Scientists believe that it is about 6,0(D degrees Centigrade. To give you an idea of how hot this is, white-hot molten iron ased in making steel reaches a tempera- ture of about 1,430 degrees. So you sec how much hotter the sun’s surface is. And as for the interior of the sun, astronomers estimate it may be as hot as 20,000,000 degrees Centigrade.

Remember, scientists, arc only making a “guess” about this, because we know almost nothing about the interior of the sun. We do know something about the composition of this star. For example, it has been learned that the sun contains more than 60 of the chemical elements present in the earth. But it is hard to study the sun’s interior because the sun is surrounded by four layers of gaseous matter.

Is there a star hotter than the Sun?

We live in a universe where one star is hotter than the Sun. In 2009, astronomers studying the very distant star HR 8799 were surprised to find that its surface temperature was 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit (593 degrees Kelvin). How hot is that? It’s more than 100 times the hottest temperature ever recorded for Earth. It’s also more than 2,000 times the temperature of the Sun.

Is Sun hotter than lava?

In a recent study conducted by NASA scientists, they showed that the sun was hotter than lava. The study was done by cooling lava in a vacuum and then subjecting it to liquid nitrogen. The temperature difference between the lava and the nitrogen was so great, that the nitrogen was actually liquefied and formed clouds. This experiment was done by NASA scientists in order to prove that the sun is hotter than lava. To prove that the sun is hotter than lava, the scientists need to find some lava that has been cooled.

How many degrees hot is the Sun?

The Sun’s temperature reaches 5,500 K. 5,500 degrees is not a typo: it measures the Sun’s temperature on the Kelvin scale, and each degree denotes a ten-fold increase in temperature. At the Sun’s center, the core is so hot that it’s not possible to measure temperatures smaller than a certain threshold, hence the number is so high.

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