How Are Flies Born

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We all know that flies carry disease. The fly is born and may spend most of its life around rubbish and germ-breeding areas. The housefly actually chooses moist decaying matter as a place to breed. The female lays the eggs, which are white and about 1.2 millimeters long. From each egg comes a slender, worn like a maggot. This is the feeding stage, or “larva”, of the fly. After five or six days, the maggot’s skin thickens and becomes brownish. This begins with “the pupal”, or resting stage.

How Are Flies Born

Five or six days later, the full-grown fly bursts out of the pupal skin. The 8y is then as big as it will ever be, for big flies do not grow from small flies. About ten days later, the fly mates, and soon after the female lays from 100 to 150 eggs! Not all flies breed like the housefly. Many kinds hatch their eggs in their bodies, giving birth to living larvae. Some kinds lay eggs that are already at the pupal stage.

Man is waging a constant battle against the fly because it spreads disease germs. The best time to kill the housefly is in the winter and the early spring. During the cold weather, the fly hides away in dark, warm corners of buildings. When flies are seen during the winter in well-heated buildings, they should be killed. At that time, 8ies are easy to catch because they are very hungry.

Is It Bad To Kill Flies?

No. Flies are useful outside in nature. They pollinate, decompose dead things, provide a source of food for live things.

How do pennies keep flies away?

Answer- The water and the pennies create a prism that reflects colors, and also projects the image of the water. Flies don’t like water, and they don’t like the colors given off from the pennies. Flies have compound eyes so the bags look like a giant body of water to them, therefore they leave.

Is it safe to eat food if a fly lands on it?

Answer- If a fly lands on your food and you swat it right away, the food will likely be safe to eat

What happens if you eat a fly?

Eating insects like insects sounds weird, but it is gaining in popularity all over the globe. So, how does it work? Well, it all starts with the fly itself. First, the fly is consumed by a human. Then, the stomach acids in the human’s stomach start to break down the fly’s tissues. After breaking down the tissues, the enzymes in the stomach, and diffusing them into the blood, have now reached the fat cells, which are near the body’s organs. The fat cells now start to break down, and, in return, the body starts to absorb the energy of the fat cells, which are now stored as fat.

How dirty is a fly?

Answer- “They’re actually very clean, most insects,” said Dr. Maggie Hardy, from the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

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