Can You Drop Off FedEx Packages at UPS?

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No, you cannot drop off FedEx packages at UPS locations. FedEx and UPS are two separate and competing courier companies, each with their own network and systems. They have their own designated drop-off locations and require packages to be dropped off at their respective facilities or authorized drop-off points.

Overview of UPS and its services

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UPS one of the largest package delivery companies in the world, offering a wide range of services for personal and business needs. UPS prides itself on its customer service and convenience, which is why they have many drop-off locations throughout the United States. With UPS, you don’t need to go to a UPS store or facility to drop off your parcels. You can use drop boxes or authorized UPS access points like participating Staples, CVSs, or other stores.

But that’s not all. UPS also offers a program called My Choice, which allows you to manage your shipments and deliveries online. This program allows you to control when and where your packages are delivered, as well as providing real-time alerts and updates on your shipments.

For people who have a lot of parcels to drop off or ship regularly, UPS also offers a Pickup service. With this service, you can schedule a UPS driver to come to your home or business and pick up your packages, saving you time and hassle.

UPS has a range of delivery options, including UPS Ground, which offers reliable and affordable shipping for packages up to 150 pounds. UPS also offers Next Day Air, Second Day Air, and 3-Day Select services for faster delivery options.

Overview of FedEx and its services

Fed is a leading global courier delivery services company that operates in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. It provides a wide range of shipping services, including overnight delivery, international shipping, ground shipping, and freight services. Here are some key points to know about FedEx and its services:

  • FedEx Shipping Services: FedEx offers several shipping services, including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. FedEx Express is the fastest shipping option, with delivery options available in as little as one business day. FedEx Ground is a more affordable option for ground shipping, and FedEx Freight provides options for large and heavy shipments.
  • FedEx Drop-off Locations: FedEx has over 60,000 drop-off locations worldwide, making it easy to drop off packages for shipping. These locations include FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Center, Walgreens, Dollar General, and grocery stores. Customers can also schedule a FedEx pickup for their packages at their residence or place of business.
  • FedEx Shipping Rates: The cost of shipping with FedEx depends on several factors, including the destination, package size, and weight. Customers can use FedEx’s online tools to estimate shipping costs and compare prices for different services.
  • FedEx Tracking and Delivery: FedEx provides customers with real-time tracking information for their packages, so they can monitor the delivery status and estimated arrival time. FedEx also offers delivery notifications and signature options to help ensure safe and secure delivery.

Overall, FedEx provides a range of convenient and reliable shipping services to customers worldwide. Whether you need to send a small package or a large freight shipment, FedEx has options to fit your needs and budget.

FedEx and UPS Policies on Cross-Carrier Drop-Offs

FedEx and UPS are two of the largest shipping companies in the world, but what if you need to drop off a package at a location of the other carrier? Many people wonder if they can drop off a FedEx package at a UPS location or vice versa. Here’s what you need to know about cross-carrier drop-offs:

  • Firstly, when it comes to dropping off FedEx packages at UPS locations, the answer is no. According to UPS’s policy, they do not accept shipments from other carriers, including FedEx. The same policy applies to FedEx Office locations, which do not accept shipments from UPS.
  • On the other hand, UPS has a different policy when it comes to dropping off packages from other carriers at UPS stores. The company allows customers to drop off pre-labeled packages from multiple carriers, including FedEx. However, it’s worth noting that UPS may charge a fee for this service, and it’s always best to check with the specific location beforehand.
  • When it comes to returning packages, both FedEx and UPS offer convenient options for cross-carrier returns. Customers can drop off pre-labeled return packages from other carriers at either FedEx or UPS locations, without incurring additional fees. However, it’s always advisable to confirm the specific policy with the location before dropping off the package.
  • It’s also worth noting that both FedEx and UPS offer their customers the option to redirect packages to a different carrier’s location for pickup. For example, if you miss a delivery, you can arrange for the package to be sent to a nearby UPS location even if it was originally shipped through FedEx. This service may incur an additional fee, and again, it’s important to check the policy beforehand.

In conclusion, while you cannot drop off a FedEx package at a UPS location, UPS does accept pre-labeled packages from various carriers, including FedEx. Both companies also provide efficient options for cross-carrier returns and redirecting packages to a different carrier’s location. Remember to always check with the specific location about their policies before making any drop-offs or redirections.

Can You Drop Off FedEx Packages at UPS?

Shipping and receiving packages can be a hassle, especially when it’s difficult to find a UPS or FedEx location nearby. However, some retailers now offer alternatives to make the process more convenient for customers. Many stores, including grocery chain stores like Safeway and Albertsons, have partnered with FedEx to offer their services for drop-off and pick-up, making it easier for customers to ship and receive packages. Additionally, customers can access UPS services, too. Some CVS and Michaels locations have become drop-off and pickup spots for UPS, and Neighborhood Parcel in Tewksbury, MA is also a one-stop-shop for shipping needs, accepting pre-paid returns from all three carriers.

It’s important to note that specific services can vary per location, so check with the individual store for details. Utilizing these options will save time and energy, as well as give peace of mind knowing packages are secure and easily accessible. Overall, the convenience and accessibility of these alternative drop-off and pickup locations can make all the difference during the holiday season and beyond.


In shipping industry, many customers often wonder if they can drop off FedEx packages at UPS locations. However, in 2023, UPS does not accept FedEx packages. While UPS and FedEx both have hybrid shipping services with USPS, they do not work together. Dropping off a FedEx package at a UPS location would result in a service disruption that could range from three days to the package getting returned to the sender.


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