When Did People Begin To Make Homes

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A home is simply a place to stay, and human beings, like other creatures, at first found shelter and safety where they could. They stayed in a good sheltered place and considered it a “home”. Later on, men began to improve their dwelling places in various ways. We cannot know which kind of home became first, but two of the earliest were the treehouse and the cave house.

When Did People Begin To	Make Homes

In a warai region, primitive can could live in a tree. He could bend the branches into a kind of framework that was tied or woven together. It was then thatched, that is, covered with overlapping rows of bundles of grass. By living in this kind of home, early man was protected from sun, rain, flood, and any wild animals that could not climb.

But in a cold climate, a treehouse would not do. So man used a cave, with a fire built outside the entrance. The caveman probably learned his first lesson in building a stone wall when he piled up loose rocks to make a doorway in front of his cave.

The next step was for man to make a cave by digging a hole in the side of a hill. Another development was to find a natural hollow on dry land, enlarge it, and build it up at the edge with stonework.

In different parts of the world, homes began to be built that suited the climate and activity of the people. In Europe, the first four-cornered house (instead of a round dwelling) was made with posts at the corners. Branches or young saplings were woven in and out between the stakes.

When Did Humans Start Making Houses?

about 10,000 years ago.

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