What Is The Coronation Stone

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When the Queen was crowned in Westminster Abbey, there was a stone under the throne called the Coronation Stone, and it has a long and glorious history. Until 1286, this stone had been kept in the abbey of Scone where the Scottish kings were crowned. It had great significance in the Coronation Service for the king stood on the “Stone of Destiny”, as it was called, while the Bishop, in placing the crown head.

Coronation Stone

Why is the year 1286 important? Well, in that year, King Alexander III was killed by a fall from his horse. His whole family had died before him, and his only living descendant was his grand-daughter Margaret, who was born in Norway. This left two distant connections of the king fighting it out between them—an Englishman, John Balliol, and Robert Bruce. Edward, I was king of England at the time, and he decided to intervene in the struggle for power by offering to act as a guardian during Margaret’s childhood, and proposed that she should marry his son and unite the two kingdoms.

Everyone agreed to this statesmanlike plan, but, unfortunately, the little girl died two months later on her way to Scotland. Edward claimed to be an overlord in Scotland and allowed Balliol to be king. Within three years, Balliol was in armed revolt against his master and Edward invaded.

He easily defeated the Scottish army and annexed the country, denying it even the status of the vassal kingdom— this was symbolized by the removal of the “Stone of Destiny” to London, where it was put under the English Throne in Westminster Abbey, and it has stayed there ever since. As you know, Robert Bruce eventually became king of Scotland and spent his whole life in revolt against the English, but that’s another story.


What Is The Stone Under The Throne Of England?

Answer- Stone of Scone, also called Stone of Destiny.

What was the coronation stone used for?

Short Answer- A coronation stone is a stone that marks the place of coronation of a monarch. These were used in medieval Europe.

Where did the coronation stone come from?

Short Answer- This very same Stone of Jacob was then supposedly taken to ancient Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah. Contradicting these legends, geologists have proven that the stone taken by Edward I of England to Westminster is a “lower Old Red Sandstone”, which was quarried in the vicinity of Scone.

What is the Irish coronation stone?

Answer- How do you get a coronation stone? It is said that the stone was brought back from the coronation of King John, in 1215. It is of Irish origin and is called the Stone of Scone. It is said that the Stone was used when King John was crowned and that it was buried with him on his death. It was taken up after his death and brought back to Ireland by his successor, Henry III. It was then brought to Westminster and placed in a shrine first in the north transept of Westminster Abbey, and then in the King’s Chapel, where it has remained since. The coronation stone was stolen in the chaos of the Reformation, and the shrine was totally destroyed.

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