Is Thunder Dangerous

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There are many people who actually tremble with fear at the sound of a clap of thunder during a thunderstorm. There is absolutely no reason to have any fear of thunder. By the time the sound of thunder reaches you, the bolt of electricity that caused it has already done its work. You hear the thunder after the lightning flash simply because sound travels much more slowly than light.

Is Thunder Dangerous

Should you afraid of lightning? Well, there is no question that lightning can cause damage, and in some rare cases, it has even been known to kill people. But your chances of being struck by lightning are extremely slight.

Lighting, of course. is a form of electricity, and this is  what can make it dangerous. It is a giant spark of electricity that we see as a bright flash of light. It may jump across the space between two clouds, or from cloud to earth, or even from earth to cloud!

During a storm, different electrical charges (positive or negative) are built up by the clouds and the earth. When the difference between the charges becomes great enough, a spark—which is lightning—jumps the space between.

During and after an electrical discharge, currents of air expand and contact. The expanding and contracting currents violently collide, and produce the noise we call “thunder”.

Is It Safe To Cycle In A Thunderstorm?

Thunderstorms pose a unique risk to cyclists. They can come on suddenly leaving you stranded and desperately seeking shelter and safety.

Can you die from thunder?

It’s a question that has concerned many people for years: can lightning kill? Yes, yes it can. Thunderstorms are capable of causing direct electrical discharge of lightning that can travel as far as 10 miles. If you’re under the direct line of fire, you can be struck by lightning for sure… but what’s more important, are the indirect effects.

Are thunderstorms dangerous when inside?

Yes, lightning is dangerous when it strikes the ground(s)… but not in your home. That’s because your home is designed to protect you from the threat of lightning. When lightning strikes, it creates a spark that travels along a line of low pressure, thus creating an electrostatic discharge (or spark). This spark can travel through the air and create a spark somewhere else, like your house. But in your house, it’s likely to be enclosed by a sturdy metal roof and walls, which will conduct the spark and prevent a dangerous flashover.

Is it safe to take a bath during a thunderstorm?

it’s important to remember that you can’t take a bath during a thunderstorm without getting electrocuted!

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