How Much Does It Cost To Make A Music Video?

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When an artist contacts us to ask what the cost of a music video ought to cost, the most important inquiry to address is what is the size of your budget. The good news is that the artists continue to see the value of making music videos. The best part is that the production costs have dropped dramatically since the 1980s. However, the truth is that making music videos requires resources, and resources that are expensive.

Even though MTV, as well as VH1, are not the primary elements that inspire lyrical performers to create visual material to accompany their songs, the growth of YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, and the myriad of other digital video platforms on social media platforms is causing artists to recognize the value of advertising their distinctive brand of talents through music videos.

how much does it cost to make a music video


The cost of making music videos can range between $20,000 to $1 million or more, however, the standard budget is from the amount. A lot of artists can make high-quality music videos in the $2,000-$20,000 price range.

The budget directly impacts the final outcome. In the low end of the spectrum, the footage will likely be in one location, either indoors or outdoors at the location that’s not equipped with a professional studio or set. It will likely be one cameraman, with no extra effects and no elaborate props, etc.

At the higher end of this category, the footage may include models from professional and professional dancers. It could also include multiple places, drones, aerial videos makeup artists, hairstylists, makeup artists as well as assistants to lighting and equipment.


Usually, artists have a concept of the kind of images they would like to see in their music videos, However, some artists prefer to allow producers to create the script, conduct the filming process, and then develop the idea.

The scope of development and the amount of staff supporting the project will again be determined by the budget.

how much does it cost to make a music video in america


The location can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful music video. If you’re looking for an exotic appearance or even several different styles, the venue will quickly impact the rest of your budget. 

Some venues are not cost-free, and even the ones that are free usually require generators, insurance lighting, equipment for rental construction, and cleanup. Each of these is expensive and requires an appropriate budget to ensure that it is completed.


The positive is that 2019’s professional-grade equipment is less expensive than ever. It is possible to shoot and play music videos in ways that weren’t possible in the past for only a tiny fraction of the cost. There is an obvious difference between Hollywood quality equipment and budget-conscious video shoots.

The budget will certainly impact the final quality of the film since it’s unrealistic to imagine a music film that has a budget of $3,000 to be shot using the Red Epic ($60,000.00) camera.


Editing is among the most expensive hidden costs associated with almost any creative work. Editing can be quickly more expensive than all the other expenses combined.


Budgets for music video production typically comprise storyboards, concept development, and pre-production, casting on-camera talent, choreography rehearsals locations fees, costumes, props tools for production, crews, and post-production editing. visual effects, motion graphics color correction, video encoding, as well as digital delivery.

The total cost for creating an expert music video could vary from $20,000 to $500,000 and upwards. There are some music videos produced each year within the budget range of seven figures however, these aren’t the only exception in the overall market. If your budget falls on the low end of the spectrum it is necessary to avoid extravagant visual effects, costly locations, and everything else huge sums of money can purchase. But a company with a strong creative side will still be able to effectively convey the core of your story in a compelling manner.

If you’re towards the upper end of this spectrum The sky is the limit of incredible creative things you could make: Innovative concepts and directors with name brands breathtaking locations, intricate visual effects, intricate automobile chases famous talent It’s all there.

For those who are trying to distinguish themselves from the plethora of music videos, high production costs will give you a huge return on your investment when compared to other options to receive the same amount of interest.

These are the main aspects to take into consideration when you are deciding on the budget for a music video’s production:

1. What’s your definition?
Who will create the idea? Certain video production companies have a department of creative services in-house, which includes directors, writers, and designers who are able to create and sketch out a variety of ideas for you to select from. It’s true that it costs money.
Some artists are aware of their goals conceptually, and require assistance in translating their vision into motion-picture. Whatever the case, a successful music video begins with a brilliant concept. If you’re not able to think up a great concept on your own it’s best to hire someone who is able to.

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2. Locations, Wardrobe, and Props
These factors determine the overall look of your video and their significance cannot be overstated when it comes to the overall impact of your final product.
Locations that are good can be expensive and usually require relationships with existing clients. Even locations that are free usually will cost you some cash. A chateau owned by a friend could require the use of location vehicles, transportation for crews as well as insurance, lighting Generators, waivers of damage construction, and cleaning. Music videos can be shot in numerous locations. Make sure you budget your expenses accordingly.
The wardrobe and the props, along with stylists and prop masters who work on it are vital to creating videos with a consistent and modern look. Do you wish for your video music to appear like the look of a Hollywood film? That’s fine, as long as you’ve got the funds to do it.

3. Production Equipment
There’s a world of distinction between videos made with consumer cameras, and those produced by top-of-the-line professional cameras that have great lighting along with dollies, jibs cranes, and other high-end equipment.
There are many professional options available that range from 4K camera packs and lighting kits to a variety of incredible production equipment. It is costly to lease, maintain power, maintain, and even to insure. The higher quality of the equipment will give you a better image, and the more expensive the price.
Please… do not allow anyone to convince you to make your best music video using an iPhone. You’ll be terribly disappointed.

4. The Cast and Crew
A good music video needs lots of talented people.
A typical shoot requires at least seven to ten professionals from the production. For larger productions, the crew could be as large as thirty or more. These workers work on basis of day-time rates, and the project has to be managed well to prevent cost overruns.
Even if you’ve invested in the top equipment and most advanced post-production facilities, if don’t have the right staff who are in charge of all this equipment then the equipment will be ineffective.
Do you have a plan that calls for dancers, actors, or a cast of a thousand? Someone needs to hire them, practice them, and then pay them. Volunteers are lovely However, they’re generally not reliable.

5. Shoot Schedule
If a music video is well planned, it may be made in as short as a few hours or a couple of days. Larger productions typically take longer than a week. Taking into account the rental fees for equipment, and the daily rates to the cast… you’ll quickly determine the way each day of shooting can add cost to the budget.

6. Food
Yes, food. The cast and crew need to eat during the shoot. A 10-hour shooting (at the very least) requires mental and physical endurance. If the group isn’t properly fed and their performance suffers, they will be less effective. This is often forgotten when deciding to make music videos.

7. Editing and Post-Production
The cost of editing is determined by factors such as the complex nature of the idea as well as the need for specific effects, the number of cameras, the lighting design, the quantity of footage taken, and continuity issues.
The post-production stage of a music film can be a lengthy process based on the size and complexity of the task. Budget and plan for it according to the complexity of the project.

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