Differences Between Jefferson And Hamilton

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The differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are well-documented, but their similarities tend to get lost in the shuffle. Not only were they contemporaries during the birth of our nation, but both men also had a profound impact on shaping America’s future. It was actually through his tremendous influence that we have come to know them as opponents instead of allies. Their collaboration would have been pivotal in establishing an effective government from the onset; however, they eventually found themselves at odds over their differing political views. Although neither man is perfect nor without flaws, each played a major role in shaping what has become one of the most powerful countries in world history.

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were both influential founding fathers in American history, but they had very different views on the future of the United States. They disagreed about almost everything from economic policy to foreign affairs. In this post, we will explore their differences and why they mattered for America’s future.

Comparison Between Jefferson And Hamilton

Parameters of ComparisonJeffersonHamilton
Born Virgin Islandsplantation
Father Hamilton’s father died when he was 13Jefferson’s father lived until 1757
Married Never married Married 
Revolation Involved Involved 

Who Is Jefferson? 

Who Is Jefferson

Jefferson was born in Charlottesville, Virginia to a white father and enslaved African-American mother. He spent his life as an abolitionist, politician, diplomat, and president of the United States. 

He wrote the Declaration of Independence during the Revolutionary War. He is responsible for forming America’s early democracy. His legacy continues today with many naming their children after him or using his quotes on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Jefferson is a man of the people. He’s never forgotten his roots, and he’s always been vocal about them is important to him. His upbringing in the slums of Detroit has shaped him into what he is today–a strong-willed, hardworking individual who understands that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty if you want something done right. Jefferson knows all too well that it’s not easy growing up in poverty without any type of guidance or support system. It took everything he had just to keep himself afloat and out of trouble when nobody else would help him, but here we are now: Jefferson at age 25 with a successful business and an even better family. So please don’t think for one second that this article will be some sort of “poor me” story about Jefferson; if anything, it’s supposed to be inspirational.

Who Is Hamilton? 

Who Is Hamilton

Hamilton” is not simply a show about Alexander Hamilton. It tells the story of one man through hip-hop and R&B music, which are both historically black art forms. And yet, it has become an international sensation that resonates with audiences around the world. 

The popularity of “Hamilton” proves that America’s Founding Father was more than just an American icon; he was also a hero for people of color everywhere who have been marginalized by society throughout time.

Hamilton is an American musical. It tells the story of America’s founding fathers, including George Washington, Aaron Burr, and Thomas Jefferson. The show was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda with music composed by him and Alex Lacamoire. The play combines hip hop, jazz rap, and traditional Broadway styles into a new musical genre that has been called “the first piece of art in our time.” 

Hamilton is a musical that tells the story of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton. It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and premiered on Broadway in 2015. The show has won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, 16 Tony Awards including one for Best New Play, and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

10 Differences Between Jefferson And Hamilton

Born: Hamilton was born in the Virgin Islands while Jefferson was born on a plantation

Father Died: Hamilton’s father died when he was 13 and his mother never remarried, while Jefferson’s father lived until 1757

Married: Jefferson never married or had children 

Revolution: Both men were involved with the American Revolution

Designation: Hamilton was a lawyer and Jefferson was a farmer

Believe: Jefferson believed that the Constitution should not be changed while Hamilton wanted to change it

College: Jefferson attended William and Mary College for two years before going to study law under George Wythe; Hamilton went to King’s College which is now Columbia University

Delegates: In 1776, both men were elected as delegates from their respective states to attend the Constitutional Convention 

President: In 1790, President Washington appointed Jefferson Secretary of State while John Adams became Vice-President; in 1801, President John Adams appointed Hamilton Secretary of Treasury 

Election: The result of this election led to a tie between Thoma Jefferson and Aaron Burr that had to be resolved by the House of Representatives where they voted thirty times without success before finally deciding on who would become president (Jefferson) and who would become vice-president (Burr). 7b) The result of this election led to a tie between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams that had to be resolved by the House of Representatives where they voted thirty-four times without success.

Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Jefferson

1. The Jefferson Memorial is one of the most visited memorials in Washington, DC

2. American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743

3. He was the third president of the United States

4. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826 at age 83

5. His wife’s name is Martha Wayles Skelton 

6. He served as Minister to France and later to Great Britain during his career in public service

Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Hamilton

1. The first Hamilton was the one who received the most electoral votes in American history

2. Alexander Hamilton is on the quarter, nickel, and ten-dollar bill

3. His face is also on a $10 note of currency

4. He was born out of wedlock to Rachel Faucette Lavienaar and James Ayscough (who were not married)

5. He attended King’s College in New York City for undergraduate studies 

6. He served as aide-de-camp with George Washington during the Revolutionary War

Conclusion About The Differences Between Jefferson And Hamilton

Jefferson was a visionary thinker who had an expansive understanding of the founding principles. He saw government as being composed of three branches, with each branch having its power and responsibility. Hamilton believed in one unified federal system that gave all powers to the central government at the expense of state rights.  -Jefferson envisioned America’s future greatness through agriculture while Hamilton focused on industrial development. Jefferson wanted to avoid debt accumulation for fear it would lead to tyranny whereas Hamilton thought debt could be used constructively during times when national security needed bolstering or economic growth required stimulus.-Hamilton favored centralized banking where he felt citizens’ money should go towards paying down debts owed by foreign governments; Jefferson argued against any form of paper currency because he felt this led inevitably to financial ruin.-Jefferson was born rich and never had to work, but he advocated for the happiness of all citizens through his political philosophy. 


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