How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tesla?

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Are you looking to lease a Tesla? Perhaps you’re interested in driving an electric vehicle. Maybe you’d like to test whether the experience of driving lives up to the hype. Whatever the reason is, it’s much easier to lease a Tesla since more and more businesses are incorporating these vehicles into their fleets.

Hertz is Number One for Renting a Tesla

One car rental company is the most reputable rental location for Teslas. Tesla. Just ask Tom Brady. Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is currently using Teslas for Hertz that now has one of the biggest electric vehicles (EV) rentals in North America and one of the largest fleets in the world. The company has placed an initial purchase of 100,000 Teslas before the end of 2022 and has also announced a new EV charging infrastructure throughout Hertz’s worldwide operations.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tesla

Hertz has become the very first car rental company to make a major commitment towards EVs along with its commitment to charging infrastructure will allow renters to make use of this trend’s growing popularity in a significant manner. The EVs will eventually make up greater than 20% of Hertz’s worldwide fleet.

Hertz will be selling its Tesla Model 3 at Hertz airports and nearby locations across U.S. major markets and certain cities in Europe. It is the Model 3 is clearly the most efficient electric vehicle of the moment and is the most-seller electric vehicle in the history of automobiles and is now the first electric car to surpass monthly sales of new vehicles in Europe as reported by Bloomberg News. With a typical mileage of 262 miles, it is able to meet the typical renting requirements. And, the best part is that renters won’t have to worry about the cost of fuel with an electric vehicle rental.

As Hertz has installed thousands of chargers across its global location network Customers who lease a Model 3 will have access to 3000 Tesla supercharging stations in all of the U.S. and Europe. Hertz intends to offer an array between Level 2 charging and DC rapid charging available in about 65 markets by 2022 and more than 100 locations before the end of 2023.

Where Else to Rent a Tesla

It is possible to rent Teslas Tesla at Enterprise by way of its Exotics division in addition to via National, Avis, and Sixt. However, it is worth noting that, for each of these firms the availability of Teslas is typically restricted to a handful of major airports.

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In addition, the car-sharing service Turo gives you the chance to lease from Tesla owners. An article from Business Insider describes the positive experience of renting a Tesla by using Turo.

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Other local businesses including Tesloop situated in Southern California and WhiteCar in the U.K., also provide the possibility of booking the services of a Tesla.

In addition, Tesloop has served as an extended test site for Tesla who had selected the eight-year, unlimited miles warranty. Much of the Tesloop fleet is able to travel between 17,000 to 20.000 miles each month, transferring between different locations (either using the help of a Tesloop company driver or an employee driver or rental driver chauffeuring). Also, while Tesloop has the highest mileage of Tesla vehicles in the world The company also offers the most affordable option for driving the Tesla vehicle in the Los Angeles to San Diego loop.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tesla?

The cost of renting the Tesla isn’t affordable. There are a lot of rates that exceed $200 per day after tax. But renters might discover that the rental price is only one aspect of a more expensive trip. With the MSRP exceeding $100,000 and above, neither your auto insurance nor your credit insurance for rental cars or even the payment options offered by American Express likely cover exotic cars or extremely expensive vehicles. Also, you’ll likely have to purchase insurance coverage, which is typically able to reduce with a more affordable vehicle.

What to Know About Driving a Rented Tesla

If you’re familiar with driving a conventional gas-powered vehicle There are a few points to be aware of about Teslas. First of all, most features can be controlled using the key fob or panel. They are an example of using cutting-edge technology.

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Finding charging stations has become more simple in recent years. If you’re looking to rent the Tesla for long-distance travel it is important to know the best places to charge at Tesla Supercharger stations. 

It can take as long as an hour to completely recharge the battery in the electric vehicle when you begin with a depleted battery. Making sure your charging schedule is in line with meals is an effective method. While on a trip the car must be charged to continue operating (and recharged upon return or else the rental company could charge charges).

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