How Much Does It Cost To AKC Register A Dog?

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The AKC is also known as the American Kennel Club, is an organization that registers purebred dogs within the United States. Apart from registering dogs, the AKC also organizes events like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the National Dog Show. The AKC is the biggest registry of its kind in the United States and is the only registry that is not for profit. To allow a purebred dog to have registration with AKC The dog’s owners are required to register with AKC for the same breed.

How much does AKC registration cost?

As per the AKC as of the year 2017, the cost is based on the number of dogs you sign up for and how long you have to wait. Registration for a dog just with no other items can cost $30, but if you required a pet’s pedigree as well as lost or discovered and video option it is $74. The cost of registering a dog, including the pedigree option, is $46.

how much does it cost to akc register a dog

If you register your litter right away, could cost you $25 plus $2 per puppy. However, if the litter was born artificially and the cost could be $30, with $2 for each puppy. Costs could rise in the event that you delay between 12 and 24 months before making a registration for the litter.

The registration of a dog imported from the United States can be one of the most expensive alternatives, with a cost of $100.

AKC Overview of registration

The dogs can be given an unlimited or full registration. A limited registration usually indicates that the breeder isn’t considering the quality of breeding or if they’re breeding, the puppies won’t be registered.

AKC registration simply means that the parents of the dog are registered AKC. Contrary to what people believe this doesn’t mean that the dog is among the finest or that they were raised in a safe environment. Purebred dogs are qualified for an AKC registration provided that the litter is registered. 

However, DNA testing was made mandatory to stud dogs who were used more than 7 times during a lifetime or three times during a calendar year. In the event that the test for DNA isn’t available by using the DNA kits that are provided by AKC then the AKC will cancel an animal’s registration.

how much does it cost to akc register a dog

When someone adopts an animal that is AKC registered, you have to apply to the seller. After you have received this application, you are able to enroll your dog online provided you have a PIN number.

Imagine the AKC registration in the same way as the family tree. As babies are born the new puppies are added to the registration once breeders send in the details. In the event of submitting information, AKC will inquire questions about the father and mother as well as in addition to the AKC Registration numbers the date of birth, and certificate number. 

The breeder is then required to sign an acknowledgment form that states the breeders were breeding the dogs and that the puppies are the result of the parents. It’s a simple registration form and that’s all it is.

If you enroll your dog in the AKC They will present you with A framed certificate of registration with 30-day insurance with AKC Pet Insurance along with an invitation to a free appointment with a veterinarian. If you choose to upgrade, as mentioned above, you’ll be issued a collar tag that includes the ability to recover your dog 24/7 as well as a video for dog training and membership to AKC Family Dog Magazine, and the opportunity to take part at AKC events.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get your kit within 3 weeks, provided that the forms are filled incorrectly. If there are any mistakes and subsequently corrected, there could be some delays in processing.

How much are additional cost?

The process of reissuing an application for a dog could cost you $15 while the recording of a lease agreement may cost you $20.

An additional certificate should it be required is priced at $20.

Transferring ownership could cost between $30 and $49 if you want for the transfer of pedigree too.

The correction of the registration form in the event of there errors may cost as much as $20.

Removing a restricted registration could cost you $25.

Editing the registration of a litter can cost you $60.

Tips to be aware of:

AKC paperwork is a must. AKC documents don’t suggest that the dog is purebred. However, according to the absence of the documents could indicate a red flag. Apart from checking for these documents as well, you should examine the health of the dog’s parent’s background, their socialization practices, and the way it was raised.

All purchase fees are not refundable.

What are Included in the Packages?

Four AKC registration packages, as well as the details of each package, are discussed in detail in the following paragraphs:

Basic The package includes the official certificate of registration, AKC pet insurance plan for 30 days, with the possibility of $1,500 in insurance as well as a guidebook for new puppies.

Silver This package includes the AKC Reunite lifetime enrollment privilege, as well as all the benefits of the base package. AKC Reunite AKC Reunite will help reunite you with your friend by putting a unique collar tag on your pet and 24-hour, 365-day security.

Gold You’ll get all the benefits of our silver package, but with the added benefit to Complimentary Vet Office visits as well as Pet Poison Helpline Lifetime Access.

This Complimentary Consultation with the Vet gives you access to a complimentary first appointment with one of the AKC’s Veterinary Network providers. In addition, you can call the Pet Poison Helpline will give the best advice from experts 24/7.

Platinum is the most expensive package, this will grant users the benefits that come with the Gold package, plus the benefit of the AKC GoodDog! Training Helpline and AKC Certified Pedigree.

The training helpline offers live phone support service and guidance from trainers around the clock. The AKC Certified Pedigree, but it’s a an easily frameable record of the family tree of your pet.

Furthermore, dogs who are certified by AKC are eligible to participate in many sporting events and other activities that you and your companion most loved pet will surely appreciate.

Other Costs to Consider

  • Late Registration

Additional charges will be charged in the event of late enrollment. Based on the option selected and the package selected, an additional $4.99 is charged for any time over 6 months and 35 for 12 months or more. An additional $65 is collected for more than 24 months following registration of the litter.

  • Litter Registration

In the case of registration for litters costs, it is $25 with an additional $2 per puppy. The registration of a litter using artificial insemination costs $30, plus $2 per puppy. Registration of litters using a foreign sire or male dog’s parent is $25 plus the cost of $2 for each puppy.

Start registering litter as early as you can in order to avoid penalties. A penalty of $65 will be assessed for registrations that are more than six months from the date of birth.

  • Other Services

In addition to dog and litter registrations, AKC also offers other services, such as the correction of certificates, and registration of dogs imported to mention just a few.

Corrected dog registration certificate cost $20. If you are an importer of a pet, you can get him registered at a cost of $100. The fee for activation will be $50. This applies to any applications that are not active after 12 months.

Aside from that, AKC also offers the Foundation Stock Service. AKC’s answer for the needs of rare breed investors. It’s a recorded service for purebreds who cannot yet be registered by AKC.

Dog recording costs just $10. Recording with pedigree costs $27. Recording, pedigree as well as dog care video training cost $37.

Start as early as you can in order to avoid any additional costs. A fee of $30 will be charged for recording for more than 12 months. A fee of $60 is charged to record over 24 months following the time that the litter was recorded.

Additional Notes

  • Don’t register too late to avoid extra costs
  • Be aware that application fees aren’t refundable.

The presence of dogs in your home comes with lots of responsibility. As with new babies, there is paperwork you need to keep track of. Make sure you sign up your dog through the American Kennel Club. Many exciting events and sports are waiting for you and your new friend.

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